🇬🇧 God save the Queen…and the Sir Winston Churchill’s 🇬🇧

Since I arrived to Mexico City, I always wanted to go and try this: I was passing by this place and wondering how, when, who.
The restaurant from the outside it’s a typical English building and it reminds me a lot of my dear Old Continent (I’m Italian and when I was living in Milan, I used to go a lot to London), breaking completely from the usual Mexico City’s kind of buildings.

I couldn’t know that once you get inside you get a view of an amazing garden where you can sit on a bench and have a break from the chaotic Mexico City.

Inside, this building is simply beautiful, you step in and it seems that you go straight from Mexico to a classical UK house.
The staff is a super nice and they were super fast to find a table for me and my husband and we were served right away from one of the highest well mannered staff I’ve seen in Mexico.

This was part of their English Brunch

It’s a family business, it’s being managed and owned by the same family since almost 50 years and they are lovely: their full dedication to the Sir Winston Churchill is easy to see.

The food was really good, and well presented.

Could be considered nice for a special occasion, their prices are medium-high.

They count with valet parking so feel free to come by with your car.
The place is walking distance from Polanco’s main avenue Masaryk, so give it a chance and you won’t regret it.
Lot to Instagram as well!

I leave you here their instagram so you can see more of this place:

The Winston Churchill’s Instagram

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