Say hello to the best skin you ever had with Soniclear Petite by Michael Todd Beauty.

What would you say if there was the chance to make your skin care routine faster, better and more functional? And with a cruelty free device?

Yes, that was exactly my thought when I was offered the chance to test the legendary Soniclear Petite by Michael Todd Beauty, the sonic cleansing facial brush that went iconic after the most famous magazines started giving it five stars right away and presenting it as something that once tried, you won’t be able to live without it, among those the iconic magazine Cosmopolitan in this article: .

I said yes more happy than on seasonal sales in Zara. Or Primark. Or both.

The brand provided to send me their Soniclear Petite in about ten days from our last message and I did the unboxing live on my Instagram stories.

The box came with the Soniclear Petite, a magnetic charger (the device doesn’t have a plug in charger as it is waterproof, therefore you connect it to the charger by bringing close the Soniclear and the grey magnetic part and it will start charging), a secondary facial brush, a travel case (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and the instructions.

So far so good.

I left the device charging for the first time for 24 hours as said in the instructions and the day after I tried it for the first time.

As I said previously, I suffer of acne rosacea and right in these days, I am having a breakout so for those who are not familiar with it, it means dry skin, burning skin, red skin…yeah, great feelings right?

I managed to use it with my Garnier Skin Active with matcha, a gentle foam that helped me already back in Indonesia last july when I had another breakout and also with the one with Sakura’s flowers in it, which is the one picture here.

The device has three speeds, I used the highest one as I needed to get rid of the dry patches on my skin.

I put on the foam on my face, and with a little bit of water on the Soniclear, I started brushing gently my face.

It will beep every 20 seconds when it is time to move to the next area of your face so it’s a great help, I never know how much time I am on a particular area if I don’t have a timer, so this makes it even more practical.

The vibrations of the Soniclear are gentle but continuous and once you are done with the routine, it will turn off itself on its own.

I washed my face and I dried it with a towel and I was speechless: the dry patches were completely GONE, the areas where I am having the acne breakouts are minimized and the skin felt super glowy and soft.

I am part of those kind of people who have to try things to state if they work or not, and in this case, it does work. And I am happy about that, as I really wanted to test it for quite a long time now.

I have been using it now for some days and my skin looks definitely better day after day, also some fine lines are improving.


Five minutes per day and you get rid day after day of impurities, make up, clogged pores, dryness, etc. etc.

Also, last but not least, the brushes are antimicrobial, so don’t worry, with this one, no unwanted “guests” on it.

This time I don’t have a discount code but I will leave you here the website so you can check it out yourself as I think that it is a product that is totally worth the price:

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