From a cocktail to a bike ride with Femme Luxe.

There are a few things I don’t compromise on and these things are comfort and style.

Summer is here, days are longer, and this means being able to ride all day on my beach cruiser and have a drink at the local summer bar.

I got my latest PR package from Femme Luxe at the beginning of last week and I enjoyed every single item I received.

A lot of pink, black, but also a white lounge set.

This time I combined an outfit, found the perfect companion for the corset with a trouser that Femme Luxe sent me in February, and dressed like a diva with the midi dress.

Pink Off The Shoulder Loungewear Set – Imana

combined with

Pink ‘Santa Clara’ Graphic-Print T-Shirt – Jewel

This loungewear set rocket my female following to the stars on Instagram!

It is extremely comfortable, soft, and light, and it is beautifully made, with a melange of dust pink and white that will give a classy touch to you every time you will wear this.

I love to pair it up with the Pink ‘Santa Clara’ Graphic-Print T-Shirt – Jewel because in summer, having the option to wear a tee with this set makes it a win-win.

The t-shirt is longer than the other Femme Luxe tees and I love the fact that it is longer on the back.

The color is a great shade of pink, on the neon wave but not so bright, with an ever-green graphic on the front.

The sizing is perfect, both items are very true to the size, and plus they are nicely stretch so don’t worry about going a size up or down with this one.

For these items, I went for a full sweet pink look but everything can be mixed with black trousers or black upperparts.

Cream Rib Two Piece Loungewear Set – Aloranna

More than cream, it is white and perfect with a bun and a pair of white sneakers.

I used this one to shoot the campaign for which is the Belgian company that sent me the coffee cup you see in the photo (and I absolutely adore).

The cup fits perfectly in the coffe cop holder for bikes (and strolley) that you can buy here in my Amazon Influencer Store.

My prior cup didn’t have the spill-proof lid as you can see. But here you can see the cup holder in action a week before receiving my cup from

But you can also wear this loungewear set with a pair of sandals and you will look stunning.

The shape of the pants is the same as the lounge-wear Deanna. As you know I already own two in different colors of this last one as I find it very flattering.

This kind of pants make your waist tiny and enhance your hips, giving you the famous hour-glass shape.

The Aloranna Set comes with a white shirt with short sleeves and it is ribbed.

The material is made to embrace your curves and it feels great on your skin.

Be sure to wear matching underwear because due to the color and the light material, it is see-through.

It comes in three colors more, so free to choose the one that is perfect for you.

Black Faux Leather Corset Crop Top – Marie

I saw it, I needed it, I got it.


The perfect match with cargo pants, jeans, vinyl skinny leggings, and more.

It is a corset made to make a statement and you are going to need it in your closet. 

Can’t wait to wear it in winter with a white elegant shirt under it. 

I am planning to wear the Black Faux Leather Corset Crop Top – Marie with the vinyl leggings and a blazer as well for a total cat-woman look.

High heels are a must here but you can also make it casual with a pair of chunky sneakers.

Black Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress – Malia

What’s not to love here?

Long enough, slinky, and with a particular cut, this dress is perfect to wear it at some summer bar as I did, or to go shopping with the girls, and going to a romantic dinner with your better half.

The Malia Dress is sexy without revealing too much and it embraces your body showing the best parts of it.

It is super well-made, with an underdress to give it more consistency and avoid being see-through.

It is available in many colors, and I think that this is going to be the first of them in my closet.

This one is slinky so it will adjust to your size, would not worry too much about one size less or more as for the pink lounge-set.

My thoughts? I liked everything, but my favorites are absolutely the dress and the pink combo (t-shirt plus the lounge-set).

In my humble opinion are the items that I am going to use more among all of those.

The loungewear sets are perfect for the North European weather, and the dresses are always making people asking about where did I get it.

Can’t wait for the next PR Package, and probably I will go checking it out as soon as I will post this article.

I am going to need ASAP a huge closet.

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