Eden’s Herbals helps mental health in 2020.

This year has been harsh to many of us.
I never heard so much talking about mental health like in 2020, and I am glad about that.
For decades, mental health was considered taboo by many and asking for help, and even the worst one.
In the last few years, the market of CBD has become one of the most flourishing ones, with hundreds of brands and thousands of buyers all over the world.
The lack of the THC principle makes CBD a safe and legal option for those who endure pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other conditions.

I have been using it for my anxiety and insomnia and have to say that it works wonders.
I have seen lotions for localized pain, gummies, drops, capsules, CBD lattes.
You name one, and somewhere it exists with people, consume it a lot.

Eden’s Herbals praised by Forbes Magazine.

Among the renowned brands, Eden’s Herbals is the one who offers the largest selection of products, covering not only human needs but also those of our fluffy friends.

The brand made 100% in the United States, has been elected as the best CBD gummies shop by Forbes.

I have a rescued American Staffordshire.

Most of you have seen him from my Instagram because he pops up very often in my stories, and lately also here on my blog.
As with every rescued dog, I got him being a bundle of anxiety, fear, and severely underweight.
The poor thing was living almost all day in a tiny cage, waiting for the ex-owner to come home.
When Sky came home with me, the first thing we did was to fold the cage and put it away.
Then we built him a real bed and a door for him to access the garden whenever he likes.
We worked hard on his nutrition, and he gained weight but what is always a struggle is his anxiety when it comes to going for a walk.
I tried everything, but nothing worked until I tried CBD for pets.
I got a brand new dog from it.

When I saw that Eden’s Herbals sells dog treats with CBD infused, I thought that it was genius.
The worst part of giving a pet a supplement is to be sure that they are going to like it.
We have all been there.
They spit it, run away, they go hiding, and more shenanigans.
Eden’s Herbals solved this by selling dog’s cookies with the CBD already inside of them.
You give your dog the treat and done.
No struggles.

Gummy bears and Apple sour

Another product of theirs that got my attention is the gummies.
I love gummies on my own, the normal ones you buy at the market.
These are CBD infused gummies, looking great, and among the positive side of these products, they are dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, and they ship for free.
I am after the sour apple ones.
I love sour candies, and I love sweets made with apple juice, so this would be my choice with no second thoughts.

Today, being Black Friday, I will share with you a special discount of 10%OFF by using my code BARBARAFAVAFMX1 and clicking on the link down below:

Have fun, and feel free to let me know which product got your attention!

This is a sponsored post by Eden’s Herbals, however it contains my unbiased opinions on the brand.

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