My Weekend with Femme Luxe.

If there is something that at almost thirty-five years old and with a brand new agency full booked, is exciting as much as finding my size on sales, is the arrival of the weekend.

I am not joking, and I want to be completely honest with you.

These past two weeks and a half, I had to deal with a very cringy client of the agency.

She made our life so miserable that I ended the contract due to her behavior.

I can stand a lot, but rudeness will never be fashionable to me.

Therefore this week, once her contract was terminated, it felt like breathing again. 

Zaira felt the same way as well.

And when one squeaky door closes, a golden gate opens.

Believe it when they say that when you release toxic relationships, life will be better.

Not only we got brand new clients, who are outstanding human beings, but I also got my new PR package from Femme Luxe Finery!

And guess what?

I could not resist one minute more and, as it arrived in the early morning, I took a shower and wore one of the tracksuits I got today.

If quarantined heaven had a cozy feeling, it would feel like wearing one of the sets I ordered this time from Femme Luxe.

Black Oversized Front Pocket Pullover Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Alexia

This is the first one I unpacked, and I am head over heels for this over-sized loungewear set!

First of all, the typical beautiful and soft cloth used.

On the outside, it is perfectly sleek in a deep black hoodie and joggers.

On the inside, a soft cloud, embracing my curves.

The joggers are cuffed to the ankles, high waisted and they have two side pockets as the majority of the pants from Femme Luxe.

The hoodie is wide but still, it maintains a shaped figure.

It comes with a front pocket, wide enough to hold my wallet, phone and still keeps my hands inside.

The collar is higher than other hoodies that I have, and I like how it looks.

Pink Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Cailleigh

The Cailleigh loungewear set is the new Lizzie’s joggers.

I started with the one in stone color, ordered a couple of months ago, right before Christmas, and then moved on with the one in lilac.

This time I ordered other two colors because I like how it fits on my body.

The hoodie is a cropped one, stylish but wide enough to let me feel cozy.

You can tie it with the string, and it becomes sexier to see.

Personally, I don’t like to use the tie-mode because, at the moment, I am more needing fluffy and large clothes.

But probably, once the pandemic is over, I will start wearing it like that as well.

The joggers have two side pockets, a high waist, a cuffed line on the waist-line, on the ankles, and they have a line all the way from up to down, on the front.

Grey Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Cailleigh

The description of this loungewear set is composed of cuffed joggers, and the cropped hoodie is the same as the one in pink.

But I decided to order it because I loved the grey tone of this one and being honest with you guys, it’s the first set with a grey hoodie that I own.

I have grey joggers in multiple shades, but none of them came with a matching hoodie.

And it may sound stupid.

But I need to match things to feel pretty.

Therefore, my Cailleigh set number four is this one.

The pants are very flattering if you are searching for a pair of joggers making your butt looking great, the Cailleigh set is the best model for me.

It could be because of the skinny inspiration of the shape of these joggers.

But William can’t keep his eyes off of me when I wear this.

When I wear the Cailleigh, I always feel like one of those minimalistic, super fashionable influencers.

Yes, I know, I am an influencer, a small one compared to others.

But I also have my favorite ones, like Veronica Ferraro and Catherine Poulain.

Brown Black Patterned Long Sleeve Crop Jumper – Sienna

Last year I ordered, in one of the first collaborations with Femme Luxe, a black cropped sweater, and it’s my favorite one among the black ones that I own.

This one is slightly different because of the highly fashionable print and the bicolored tones in black and brown.

Wear it with leggings, wear it with joggers, with jeans.

Wear this crop jumper called Sienna, as you want, it looks great and you will feel like a queen.

And it does shape my body in a crazy way!

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