Nice to be back and with one of my favorite brands, Femme Luxe.

The past three months have been very, very busy.

And sad because of not being able to have any new clothes from Femme Luxe because of what I will tell you next.

I started working as a moderator for social media, and we also moved to Herentals from Olen.

Unfortunately, the house we lived in got severely damaged by the heavy rains, and the roof was about to come down. 

The landowner decided not to invest any further money in renovating the roof.

So we had to move, and quickly.

We stayed for almost a month in the house of one of our friends.

And now moved to a penthouse in the historical center of the town.

I am honestly happy to be able to start creating again. 

And I wanted to thank all the brands patiently waiting to ship the items while we moved our life into a new chapter.

In the meanwhile, one of the packages that got lost/stolen this summer finally found its way to me.

Guys, I will need to blog about this one of these days.

These months without being able to receive the PR packages from Femme Luxe have been among the fashionable saddest of my existence.

All “thanks” to the shipping company in charge of delivering.

It wasn’t easy because Hermes Shipping delayed a month and a half of the delivery forgetting to write my surname and the number of the street I was living in.

My mother in law who used to work at the local post office was able to trace and stop the package from being sent back to Manchester.

So here I am, ready to make you a brand new review of my latest PR package from Femme Luxe.

Just for you to know, they have uploaded also new items to their amazing online store and you can check them here:

White Dresses

Black Dresses

Denim Shorts

Hot Pink Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress – Taylor

You can not have this midi bodycon dress in hot pink.

Really, I am talking seriously.

The weather is getting gloomy and rainy, and boom!

This pop-colored dress is what you need to vibe in those days.

It is very comfortable, and though at first, I thought it was a mini dress due to the length, it is slinky, so you can adjust it to your needs.

Barbara Fava smiling and wearing a hot pink midi dress by the company Femme Luxe.

This dress is sexy.

But with a pair of pink sneakers and a blazer, you can create a casual look for a drink with friends.

Blue Floral Bardot Long Puff Sleeve Ruched Tie Detail Crop Top – Lovelyn

Barbara Fava wearing a flowery white and blue crop top with puffy sleeves. She is drinking one glass of pink wine. she is wearing jeans.

Oh my! This top is one of the most boho items I got from Femme Luxe!

The crop top part is adjustable through a string on the front so you can make it longer or ruched, and on the side, you have a zip.

The sleeves are VERY puffy and long, with a cuffed effect on the wrists.

I used it for a sushi date with William paired with cowboy boots and high-waisted jeans. Just perfect for this Autumn weather.

Cream Deep Plunge Strappy Bodycon Maxi Dress – Verys

As I ordered this whole package back in summer, the items were selected for summer weather, like this dress right here.

It is a very light tone of cream, more on the white side.

Barbara Fava wearing a creamy white dress with straps. She is posing sideway. Long hair on her back. Barefoot.

This dress embraces the figure and highlights your body while shaping it.

It comes with a band right under your chest, and I find it very comfortable to wear. 

Mustard Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit – Evelyn

Barbara Fava wearing a yellow mustard jumpsuit. Barbara is smiling posing with one arm behind her head. Barefoot

This jumpsuit is gorgeous!!!

I was scared I wasn’t going to fit as I ordered a size 12 as the 14 was not available.

Without realizing I lost weight, and I fit perfectly in the 12.

It is very comfortable.

It doesn’t have any zip or buttons; so you just slip in to wear it and that’s it.

It comes with a belt, tone-sûr-tone enlightening your waist.

Barbara Fava wearing a yellow mustard jumpsuit, white walls and floor in Italian red cotto tiles.

I love how the one-shoulder fits.

The only thing is that the pants are long, and I will have to take them to adjust.

It is the first time I need to adjust an item in over a year and a half of orders, but my girls over 1,75 will be happy about this.

As we approach a more relaxed lifestyle, where we can go and have outdoor’s dinners, parties, meetings with friends, Femme Luxe has been one of the firsts to react.

At the beginning of last year, they immediately switched to loungewear (I am wearing one of their loungewear items right now as I am writing).

And now they updated the whole website aiming to public and exciting life.

Very well done Femme Luxe!

I am so looking forward to the next collections!

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