How second-hand clothes became a business for me, while saving money.

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I have always been interested in second-hand fashion and vintage.

The true gems you can find in a second-hand shop are priceless, and most of the time, you can afford to have a dreamy wardrobe without spending a fortune.

My mom taught me how to shop there when I was around 12 or 13.

Since then, I would say that a solid 70-to-80 % of my closet is composed of second-hand clothes.

And my house furniture is mainly a treasure-hunting adventure that is also coming from the second-hand market.

Saving money is rule number one nowadays as well as saving the planet.

But what if you could make out of your passion for treasure hunting in the second-hand market a business?

A way of saving and earning money?

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During the pandemic, I collaborated with many clothing companies, and my closet situation got overwhelmed.

As you may have noticed from my Instagram, I tend to dress boho-style in my daily life.

I also passed from being an M to the L size due to my karate career, and many items weren’t fitting me anymore.

Sizing up is very common when you practice a sport to a competitive level.

A mine of gold in the closet.

My sister and I ended up with a wardrobe full of unused clothes and a potential gold mine sitting there for months, if not years.

That’s when I decided to jump into action and make our gold mine an earning resource for both. 

I sat down and started making some math.

As everybody here knows, because I have said many times, as a dyscalculic person, I need a calculator when I have to deal with numbers.

A great website I use almost daily is

I knew that if I wanted to sell on Vinted, I had to invest in some stuff like cute hangers for the clothes, some background, cozy lights, and so on.

I did my math with the saving calculator to see, more or less, how this new adventure could turn out for Cristina and me.

Once satisfied with the numbers, we went into the practical part of the plan, so taking all the photos, writing the descriptions, measurements…

So far, so good.

We have been able to make some extra money, save some and make a profit out of clothes that have been sitting there for years.

I also got the chance to give look at what could be my retirement plan with what I have saved so far, and things are looking pretty good, I must say.

It’s really cool that with a single website, you can understand a bit better about your financial situation in a matter of seconds.

Usually, it would take me at least one hour before figuring everything out on my own.

Will the second-hand business be my first source of income?

I don’t think so. Or at least in the short term.

Being an online business, it always needs a few months of work before reaching your goal.

Will it help me in saving some more money?


I would love to know what you, dear readers, think about your future in terms of saving money, how you see it, and if you have any tips to share.

I think we can really start a great discussion about this subject and ways to create a side income!


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