TWC Job Offers

News Break content creator:

Apply today for a chance of becoming one of the News Break content creators just like me!
You will get paid 1000USD per month (meeting the requirements specified in the contract) and your official page on the news platform.

Note that this is an external collab: TWC is supporting NewsBreak in finding new writers, but we are not responsible for the hiring process nor payments.
Click on the link and submit your candidacy:

Pearly Lustre Sales

Are you good at sales? Are you searching for a remote position while working with one of the top worldwide pearls company?
Then being part of the TWC Pearly Lustre team is the job for you.
We are searching for people able to promote and sell real pearl jewels all over the world.
Payment is by commission (starting from the 20%), monthly.
You can work from wherever you are through your unique affiliate link.
If interested, please send a message through our contact form.

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