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My Milano’s Fashion Week wearing Femme Luxe pants.

Wearing a dress makes you automatically feel like part of some movie.

Especially when they are like those I reviewed previously for Femme Luxe.

But I have invariably been more a “trousers woman”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing skirts and dresses, but due to my lifestyle always on the go, I’d rather wear a pair of pants than a dress, because hopping on a motorcycle and ride or crossing half of the world with airplanes, requires comfortable clothing.

So as Femme Luxe never leaves me down, this time they decided to send me five pairs of trousers.

I will try to put down in words my happiness when I saw the mail, but try to figure me out while randomly dancing the conga in my studio saying “Yeaaaah!!!”.

Of course, I have trousers. My wardrobe would need an upgrade to a walk-in closet but still, who am I to not to cherish a present like this on my birthday?

So as always, I went through the five pages of items and have been scrolling among more than 250 items selected for me from the marketing department of Femme Luxe, which, once again, kudos to the team.

As you may have noticed from my Instagram (if not take a look here on your right to see my most recent posts!), I got quite excited with the whole cargo idea.

My next goal is to travel with a micro Jaquemus because all of my stuff will be smartly organized in my multiple pockets on my garments. Like a human suitcase.

Going back to the trousers, I found two of them, highly centered to be stylish while being comfortable and avoiding the “sausage effect” that long flights cause (if you ever got your legs looking like one giant chorizo after a long journey due to the water retention, you know what I am talking about), and fully centered on the wave of the joggings, which is the new trend among influencers inspired to a more sporty style and which leave us mere mortals, to be able to have nice and comfortable trousers.

While for the other two, I got inspired by some Instagram posts, and I ordered two pairs of PU leather (or vegan leather), one high waisted in vinyl and the second one, skinny type and also in vinyl. I ordered for them all a size 12 (UK) while for the vinyl pants, I went a size up as this material is always a little bit tricky to wear.

My first day arriving at the Milano’s Fashion Week

Liquid leggings are a huge hit since last year. And we are not even remotely close to letting them go.

I received two of them from Femme Luxe and I am enjoying them so much!

Black High Shine Vinyl PU Trousers

The first pair of PU vinyl leggings, which are incredibly shiny as well, I wore them on the first day of the Milano Fashion Week, paired with golden heeled boots and a black blazer.

Visiting one of the stands in the Fashion Market Hub in Milano Turati

The weather in Milan was very nice and warm on the FW days and thought I was worried about ”overheating” with those leggings, I absolutely had zero problems with them.

Black PU Tie Front Trousers – Eliza

I literally ADORE those high waisted leggings!

The second pair of PU vinyl liquid leggings are between the two, my favs and they have ruches and a sort of belt on the front.

I have been wearing them a lot in Milan, also during the rain and I felt so fashionable and cool even under the bad weather.

They are a little bit shorter on the ankles than the previous ones but they look great with sneakers as you can see from the photos above.

Femme Luxe is a bit a paradise of PU and vinyl wearable items and I find this material comfy, and casual with the appropriate accessories but also very sexy, and super hot for a date or a clubbing night.

Black Cuffed Cargo Trousers – Poppi

Third day with my cargos Poppi attending the Fashion Shows in Piazza del Duomo in Milan

This was the look that got more “wow” during my FW.

I mean, cargo pants are often associated with sport/outdoor life and I was surprised to see how many people liked the idea of wearing them with a neon blazer and a pair of Buffalos CLD.

These cargos called Poppi (I dig this name) are comfortable yet they are not baggy at all so they preserve a good shaping of the body.

They come also in khaki green but for this time around, I wanted an all black order of trousers so here I am, standing tall in front of the Milano’s Duomo after attending a fashion show.

Black High Waisted PU Cuffed Leg Joggers – Loz

Should call these joggers, Joz of my heart. Too comfy!

So I did my favorite crash test with these PU joggers: I wore them on a flight, from Eindhoven, Holland to Milan, Italy, and then they won the prize of most comfy PU joggers of the year.

I am not kidding: these trousers are soft and large enough to be your happy choice if you want to travel with a comfortable pair of joggers without looking too sporty.

They are handcuffed on the ankles but still they feel comfortable and you barely feel them on you.

So, resuming as always, I really liked my round of trousers with Femme Luxe, I must admit that I was a little bit scare at the beginning because of the material of them (thought I wouldn’t fit in them) but I am very, very glad with what I ordered and got.


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