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Benih Café in Bali 🌴

Bali is a small world on its own.

You have natural wonders, popular beaches, waterfalls, mountains, art, nightlife…and a lot of coffee places.

Being Italian, I’m a little picky on coffee, and whenever I’m traveling, I try to find special places where to go back once and then again the next time I’ll be in town.

One of these places is the Benih Café, just around the corner of the crowded Legian Street.

The Benih Café in Bali

You can have a coffee, cappuccino, latte, drink, juice, eat something and enjoy the young and relaxing atmosphere of this place.

It’s airy and you won’t feel trapped: music is the right volume, and it’s not noisy at all.

The staff is friendly and able to explain you whatever information you need on the menú and they are quick when it comes to serve you your order while they bring you a pop up hand towel to refresh yourself.

The small white compress you see there it’s a compacted hand towel.

They also make some nice art on cappuccinos which is a plus when it comes to Instagram:

Hello there! Welcome to the Benih!

Food also is good and fresh, they took their care to make it look beautiful as well.

They have enough choices for you to enjoy your time here.

Count with free WiFi as well and the certainty that you will come back to the Benih Café one day.

Eggs a la Poche with avocado toast. It was delicious and even though it’s “classified” as breakfast, they serve it also during day and night.
Because yes. I loved my eggs.
The steak that was ordered by William also was tasty and well presented.

Check them on instagram:

Benih Café on instagram

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