Forget about your tie: go eat an avocado toast at Cafe Urbano in Mexico City.

Full of Instagrammable moments. And yummy ones.

The last thing you would expect in a Intercontinental hotel is to find a nice, juvenile, colorful, cozy restaurant in it.

Intercontinental Hotels are known for their being sumptuous,elegant and classy, but for sure, you would never think about bringing your kids on a Sunday brunch there, or go for an after work drink tie-less with your partners.

If you have seen my reviews from Indonesia, you already know how much a fan I am of coffee places and restaurants that offers eco-friendly atmospheres, with a special dedication to the food’s presentations.

When I first saw the Cafe Urbano instagram, I was caught by the good looking food that was blinkin at me from the screen inviting me to go there and try the menu.

So today, I had a day off, and I decided to go there with my husband to try this place.
First of all, the warm welcoming and the big smiles from every single one working there, from the chef, to the capitan, to the waiters…and the airy location, plenty of sunlight reflecting on the blue themed furniture.

I adore when I see people actually loving their jobs and showing it, especially when it comes to restaurants, hotels and public services in general.

Fresh fruit, yogurt and honey to start with.

They gave us a nice table on the small terrace, from where we could enjoy the whole place and the table was decorated with some jeans tablecloths, really nice and personalized with the logo of the Urbano.

I want this tablecloth for my own kitchen.
Home made pain au chocolate.

For breakfast and for brunch they offer the menu a la carte or the buffet which is pretty amazing as you can see from the photos I uploaded.

My lifetime’s loves. I could eat 7 boiled eggs and still be happy.

They immediately offered us the menu, and we choose fruit, eggs a la poche “Cafe Urbano” and Benedectine eggs a la poche, with two smoothies and two cappuccinos to start with.
And they were five stars.

Absolutely delicious.

The Benedectine eggs a la poche, with smashed potatoes and grilled tomato with home made pesto.

It was already midday so we decided to order something more to share and we ordered an avocado toast with chipotle sauce and egg a la poche (yes we are huge fans of it), and it also was on point.

Cafe Urbano’s eggs a la poche.

We are not really fans of desserts but I was intrigued by some sort of big fried raviolis with pina colada icecream inside so we decided to order one and share it.
Heavenly. And enough to share it with more than two people in case.

Here I am making my best effort of the week with my diet. And it’s monday.
Foamy cappuccino here!

The bio side of the Urbano.

Baby Sprouts tuturutu…baby sprouts tuturutu..I know you read that singing.

Another good point: they use bio straws and when I asked infos about their behaviour towards the environment, they explained me that all the veggies there, are cultivated by them on the rooftop of the hotel, as well as they shown me newly born sprouts just behind the corner of where we were sitting.

These are the veggies that you will eat someday here growing right in front of your eyes.

They also recycle most of the trash they produce there.
I think I found my equivalent of the Crumb and Coaster my favorite coffee place in Bali, in Mexico City, and its name is Cafe Urbano.

See more of it here and follow them as they make seasonal events, the next one, is going to be a dinner inspired to el Dia de los Muertos:

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