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I went on a trip in the cold Belgian winter with three of my sweaters from Modlily and this is what happened.

Cozy outfit wearing my Modlily cardigan while having my breakfast at the A-Stay

Last time I received my sweaters from Modlily I was so happy with them that I announced in the dedicated post that I was going to order more for sure as I did not have basically any warm outfit to face my Belgian’s life composed by cold and rain as in Mexico I never needed to have some.

So a little bit more of a week ago, I was given the chance from the brand (thanks Rachel!) to have three more cardigans and sweater and I decided to order three very different models, and this time I went with a pink one, a red one and a grey one, all in L size as you have to order a size more when ordering from Modlily.

And there is no better test than bringing your clothing on a trip, so that’s exactly what I did.

I had to visit Hasselt, make some photos for the association One Tree Planted to promote their mission in planting trees around the world (it’s a pro-bono so I am not being paid to promote this association), and go to review the new A-Stay in Antwerp, the brand new hotel, opened last November in the center of the city.

About this one, you will read soon my review here and it will be available also on my Google Local Guides profile (thank you for the over 400,000 views in 2019 guys!) and on the one for Trip Advisor as well.

The Pink Shredded one.

You see me rollin’…and I was warm with my pink Modlily’sweater.

The first one I used was the pink one, the Shredded Long Sleeve Peach Pink Sweater, which I wore while visiting the Christmas Village in Hasselt, and I wore it with a black pair of jeans, sneakers and my teddy coat which was the winning item from my summer sales shopping in Mexico City.

This sweater which is available also in red, is fluffy and soft, with a deep V cut with shreds to complete it, on the front and on the back (the one on the back is smaller than the one on the front), and also two V cuts on the sides which make an overall nice geometric design of it.

I used a nude tee under it and it really kept me warm during the day. We’ve been walking for almost 10 km and I was fine.

I think it has a cool casual look, which can be well-played also with blue jeans, or vegan leather pants.

The Hooded Collar Snowflake Pattern Pullover and the Westerlo Forest.

My Modlily hooded red sweater featured in the One Tree Planted campaign.

Last December I got in touch with an association taking care of trees around the world by planting new ones and protecting the existent ones called One Tree Planted. I was asked to take some photos, related to the planting trees mission and post them on my social media to make an attention call to my followers about this lovely project.

Belgium is full of natural places, so I decided to go to the Westerlo Forest upon the advice of a friend of mine who hikes every Sunday in natural parks and I scouted the place until I found this spot, with some relatively young trees and adapt to take the photos I needed.

The sweater is vibrant red, soft, thinner than the pink sweater but warm and decorated with some slightly fluffy patches representing white snowflakes.

It also has a hoodie which during winter is a nice plus as is quite large and you can adjust it with two strings, and it covers well.

This one is more a relaxed style, close to be oversize (which is perfectly in line with the 2020’s tendencies) but it keeps a nice shape on the body.

Today I also used it and was a nice thing to remember I had my hoodie as I forgot my beanie at home.

Open Front Light Grey Long Sleeve Cardigan

Last Brunch of the year at the A-Stay with Modlily!

Last one but not least, this grey, bat sleeved cardigan made in a lighter material and absolutely great to fit any casual outfits.

I had this black overall since last summer but as it is oversize it wasn’t easy to find a cardigan matching it and when I saw this cardigan on the Modlily website I wanted to give it a try, and I am glad I did because the cardigan makes a great choice with this outfit, jeans and so on.

I also wanted it to match some high-waist trousers and crop tops I have and the results it is really unique, kind a long-short mix very cute to see and comfortable to wear.

I have a thing for balloons sleeves this year so this cardigan is perfect as it has enough space on the arms to not to squish my blouses while wearing it on top of them.

As for the previous order, I would suggest to buy from them again.

I have seen (and read) some bad reviews upon this brand but it is easy to see that most of them are most likely coming from competitors as they complain for really unrealistic things like “oh I normally wear a size L and I ordered a L and it doesn’t fit me”, when on each page there is a super nice “size suggester” where by putting your weight and your height, it will calculate you the perfect size for you.

So go shopping on Modlily by clicking here on my name barbarafavafmx and have fun!

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