Watts Beauty because we love eco-luxe and cruelty free skincare funded by strong women!

I will always be amazed by women who rise again like a Fenix, going big and founding successful companies.

Today I wanted to dedicate my blog post to a woman, called Terri Watts and her skincare brand, Watts Beauty, founded with her friend Lily back in 2005.

A powerful, inspiring, motivational story of two best friends, completing each other and empowering others through their company.

Terri is a domestic violence survivor and she decided to make the best out of this terrible experience by founding Watts Beauty, a US skincare eco-luxe brand, on the incipit that “Without a beaming light of inner beauty, it doesn’t really matter how great your skin looks in the dark.”.

I got in touch with her through the web after seeing the Watts Beauty website and reading her quite unusual story and we decided to collaborate in promoting her brand.

Terri never saw herself as a beauty guru, she grew up being more a tomboy, camping and fishing with her brothers up until her father, a man lead by anger issues and violent behaviors, got terminally sick when Terri was only 16 years old.

She became his caregiver and this changed her life forever, making her understand that her call in life was to help others in finding their inner and outer light, no matter how troubled their path has been.

After her father’s death, she became a licensed medical professional focused on helping patients in finding the positive in their situations.

Our girl went big and thanks to her magnificent job, she was able to found in 2005, together with her beloved friend Lily, Watts Beauty Skin Care, a beauty brand focused not only on providing eco-luxe products made with love and respect towards the planet but also fundraising and sponsoring organizations dedicated to helping survivors, just like her, of domestic violence.

Terri, Lily and Jillian from Watts Beauty

I never shared too many personal stories on my blog, because the chance never came up, but I am a survivor myself as well.

I grow up with a mother, that though on the outside was the perfect mom, almost like those in tv commercials, once I was left alone with her, she never showed great motherly spirit.

I remember myself being constantly treated as a “threat” towards my father to obtain money or luxury items (my dad side of the family was the wealthy one) or to be told  “I had you just because I was in my mid-’30s and your father’s money”, or being hit to the point that she caused me to be epileptic, or being constantly blackmailed by her, faking the whole medical encyclopedia to make me feel guilty and obtain things or behaviors from me.

I was already being bullied at school for being on the autistic spectrum (discovered only recently after taking the tests), and coming home was always a Russian roulette by not knowing what was expecting me: it took me years to embrace myself and move on.

When I was 12 she decided to go back to live in her home country because my dad cut her credit cards and at that point, I was “useless”.

Basically, what she used to do with my dad, she still tries it with me. 

With the positive thing that now I am wiser and know better what is going on.

Nowadays, though I can’t forget what she put me through, for my own sanity and peace, I forgave her and we carry on a “hello/hi” relationship where sometimes I go to see her and spend a few days with her.

That’s why I grew up with my dad and my stepmom which I call mom.

And I am glad that today, at 34, I am able to meet and work, with inspiring women like Terri.

Lily, a former jeans model, was and is the yin to the yang of Terri.

Lily is the embodied form of positivity, a sunny smile shining all over and she gave Terri the self-confidence she needed, with a forever bond between the two friends.

About their relationship, Terri says “I taught Lily how to use power tools, she taught me how to trust people”.

Watts Beauty offers a wide range of skincare products, promoting a plant-based and eco-luxe beauty without the harshness of chemicals, and with age-defying ingredients like smoothing retinol, hydrating hyaluronic, firming peptides, plant stem cells and much more.

And as you know, I only collaborate with brands reflecting my own beliefs, so glad to say that Watts Beauty is a cruelty-free brand, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free brand, completely made in the USA.

I have been reading about them on several reviews and all of them are positive, with very happy customers, stating how Watts Beauty helped them in reaching a great skin.

I think that this brand is extremely honest in what they offer and who they are, and I really appreciate this side of Watts Beauty.

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