Yours in Wellness: a brutally hilarious influencers parody.

Erin spills the tea on the wellness marketing (and I am enjoying it so much)

Have you ever wondered how the whole wellness influencers world works behind the scenes?

Being a reviewer for many beauty, wellness, health products, and making actual tests with them on myself (check my Youtube Channel to see some and don’t forget to subscribe), I am very aware of how important is transparency when it comes to promoting a product.

And that’s why I always make my researches before accepting to collaborate with a brand.

We are used to seeing those wonderful, smiling faces, telling us about how this or that product changed their lives and why we should buy it to achieve the Olympus just like them.
But what’s is going on when the lights go off, it’s another story.

A story very well told by Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH who is the founder of, the creator of ZENBands and author of the book I am writing about.

I received the book on a sunny Wednesday, and in the package, there was also one purple ZENBands.

The New Yorker writer presents us, the story of Krystal Heelin, the CEO of Verdant Corpora (a boutique wellness brand) and who is a Miranda Priestly in her field.

The Book in my Youtube studio

This book is a collection of her letters, addressed to her brand’s ambassadors, about how to behave in the fancy wellness industry.

A very well written parody on the multimillionaire world composed by the public, searching desperately the way to be “Forever Young” as the song, and brands competing against each other to sell.

I almost choked on the Apple Cider Vinegar song, as I eat gummies made of it, I like them and I could snack on them all day.

And I also made a good laugh reading the part about the Squat test and about zooming a photo on social media 15 times to check her “perspiring arse”…and being fired because of that.

Erin’s book is a hilarious, tragicomic, parodic manual of DOs and DON’Ts that will make you laugh and snort thinking about at your next hot yoga with the pink Himalayan salt session.

The book includes illustrations made by Erin, and they also are a good laugh.

In the patinated wellness industry, where every campaign is a competition, where baggy clothes are banned and glamour is everything, Erin manages to sail across the stormy subject with lightness and irony.

As for the ZENBand (a comfortable headband with pillow-speakers included), it works wonders with me.
I spend multiple hours at the computer reviewing music for a living, and this is a good option to listen to the tracks.

It is a soft headband, very comfortable and wearable for hours.

And for sure, whenever the whole coronavirus thing is over, I will carry them around as it is the perfect solution to combine comfort and music.

I am honestly happy that Erin decided to send me her book and the ZENBand, it felt like a long-distance hug during this quarantine.

The book is starring with me also in my Youtube video on the baby foot masks as I was reading it when something happened.

Books and laugh are the real solution when it comes to this kind of situations, so I invite you to check her website and to take advantage of the 25%OFF with my code BARBARAFAVAFMX on the ZENBands by clicking on this link:

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