The rise of the lifestyle bloggers in 2020.

In 2020 I started doing a lot of bike-related collaborations.

Among the craziness of this year, lifestyle bloggers and influencers won on social media marketing.

With the lack of possibility of filming, shooting, and working in the offices due to the pandemic situation, agencies and brands increased the bookings of lifestyle bloggers and influencers.

As a blogger myself, I had to evolve my niches and went from blogging consistently about travels and beauty to more general lifestyle content.

I have to be honest with you: in February, when I understood that I had to change my path, I was scared as hell.

I mean, how could someone being in the 1% of the best Google Local Guides with almost a million views of her photos about restaurants and hotels, and in 10% of the best of Trip Advisor, suddenly write about something else.

I went from writing about the Indonesian Temples and waterfalls in Bali to blog about home decor, from my outfits for the Milano Fashion Week to my clothes to stay safely at home.

My biggest worries were how my audience was going to take this.

Blinded by my panic, I didn’t realize yet that the whole world stopped. 

The PR events, holidays, business trips…

Even just heading to the office with public transport.

The whole planet, in this 2020, changed. 

Consequentially also my audience found somehow a relief to see that we were, and we still are, all on the same boat. 

A rocking one, but the same boat wandering somehow between the peeks of this pandemic.

I personally witnessed how brands switched in about three days from proposing pr packages and campaigns for outdoor activities to bundles of products to stay at home.

The fashion bloggers, including myself, we had to upgrade our game from one day to the other.

I was in Milan when Corona took over the world.

I was supposed to attend several shows but, suddenly, the buyers were leaving, and the catwalks closed to the public.

When I came back home, after a week, no more fancy clothes for me: I found three or four boxes with loungewear, skincare, and books.

Little I knew back then that it wouldn’t have been just a few weeks but the entire year.

My blog has grown very fast.

I passed from having a few hundred visits per day to having around 1100 between July and September.

My stats from yesterday show an astonishing +46% with 2560 visits in a day.

Something that made me cross the 50k views bridge in September and the 100k in October.

Amy West, one of the top luxury travel bloggers went #stayhome, #staysafe.

Other fellow bloggers took their time to write books, like as example Amy West from

I recently read an interesting interview on the influencer’s platform Intellifluence where she explained how she evolved in the last year and how her job as a professional influencer changed.

Amy, named among the top luxury travel bloggers, decided to write 100 Things to Do in Jacksonville Before You Die.

Being a mom of two, Amy opened her TikTok account during the quarantine to have fun with her family, and at the moment, she counts on a 55k fan base as she declares here:

“…when quarantine rolled around, I have two children, 10 and five, and I thought, well, let’s just, for something fun, do TikTok, because they were really interested in it. Well, it took off and strangely enough, and our girls are kind of like little TikTok stars on their own.”

So she is another case of knowing how to adapt to the sudden worldwide change.

Phoenix and its online muses

In Phoenix, in the USA, the situation is the same.

In this article, the Phoenix New Times presents a bunch of powerful and smiling ladies into lifestyle blogging and influencing.

The article, presenting each one of them as a suggestion of whom to follow on Instagram among lifestyle influencers, is a heartwarming virtual hug in these times.

Among the women and girls featured in this article, on top of their innate sense of fashion, the capacity of captivating the attention of their followers and potential ones with one image is something crystal clear.

Adapting and evolving has been priority number one in the past few months, and to be honest, I found it interesting, following a few of the influencers presented.

This article, a collaboration with Intellifluence, has made me think while writing it a lot about my challenges of this year.

So as you have seen, every industry has changed, probably for good this year, but having an open view of your business may lead you to open new paths and new incomes.

What changes have you faced this year?

Have you adjusted to them facing new challenges, or you kept your usual business structure?
Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

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