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Dancing and Life: when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!

Among my goals and new year’s resolutions for this year, there is to learn to express myself more positively.
Last year has been a never-ending drama.

People lost jobs, businesses, their houses, family members, friends, got stuck in countries far away from home.
All because of an invisible enemy called COVID-19.

I will be honest with you: I struggled a lot.
My mental health has been on a rollercoaster of emotions.
One day I was waking up motivated and motivational for those around me.

The day after, I couldn’t see the light beyond depression, and by depression, I mean it.
This year doesn’t matter what: I want to vibrate with hope.

I want to live, breathe, eat, and drink hope.

Today I want to start a full-month of a positive path with you guys.
I decided to follow the guidance of Saje Flow and his program, Dancing & Life.
I will learn to heal through movements and motion, and I will keep a sort of diary here by updating this blog post and sharing more challenges on my social media.

Saje is an expert in healing the soul through dance, and his energy is contagious.

This is what we need in 2021: people who are so positive, to be able to pull, push and support anyone else into being positive and changing the view on life.

At the end of my full-immersion month, I want to be able, more than ever, to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

My ultimate goal is to see my social media and mail inbox, flooding with people who walked with me.
In the meanwhile, we can start by taking this quiz right here and share our results.
If you don’t feel comfortable sharing them publicly, send a private message, and I will be more than happy to talk about it with you!

Update: 13th of January 2021: three days into the Dancing & Life challenge.

So far, so good.
I am on my third day in the Dancing & Life program and I am enjoying it.
I am learning to express myself in multiple ways and reflecting more on my whole past year.
It was easy to take it as a dark tunnel, but with Sage, I am learning to do a sort of playback or rewind of my crisis along the way and understanding how it changed me and how it pushed me to flow with life.

Yesterday, I had to post about how to react when you receive a curveball.
And I had a lot of those back in 2020.
I was alone, in a new country, not knowing anyone.

But I pushed myself above my limits, and I become passionate about bicycles, about renovating.
I gained new skills, learned how to cook better, and how important is to take care of myself.
I took the curveball of not being able to see my family, and I worked it out through video calls in bonding more with my brothers and parents.
I will update again in the next few days to let you know how I am doing along the way.

Update: 18th of January 2021: day #8 into the program.

It has been a long week, and so I had time to seek deeper into myself.
I have to admit that some days, the tasks of this Dancing&Life challenge are easy for me, while other days, I struggle with them.
These days, the hardest ones have been two.

The first task, posting a photo of me, with a paper, and I wrote what I left behind in 2021.
I wrote that I want to stop being so damn hard on myself.
And it’s true.
I am never enough for myself.
If I achieve something, I always think I could have achieved more.
And this is a never-ending show.

The second one, the challenge from today.
I had to let my inner-child run free.
And I did.
I posted the photo that you can see up here.
I faced my fears of showing my body without a shirt after more than two years.

Because when I lost my pregnancy, my body changed, and among the grief, I had to face severe bullying and bodyshame.
Yes. I was a size 10UK back then.
Now I am a 12UK.

So I hid behind my clothes, holding my breath every time I saw a new notification on my social media.
Posting this photo has been a huge thing for me.
I am looking forward to my next days now.

Update: 20th of January 2021

This challenge is putting me through a lot of thinking, and yesterday I had an emotional meltdown.
Because in the past ten days, I had to face my fears, boundaries, stepping out of my comfort zone.
A cocoon I created since the beginning of the pandemic to protect myself.
I am also a bit skeptical about this kind of challenge, but to be honest, the Dancing&Life, is pushing me to do more, to express myself more.
And even the meltdown I had, I think it was time for me to empty the glass I was filling day after day, drop after drop.
I am glad I did.
The video is from today’s challenge about flipping a coin and making decisions.
Sometimes it is very much needed.

Update: 20th of January 2021

This weekend has been challenging for me as a human being.
The more I get into the Dancing & Life program, the more I find myself facing my internal growth.

Since I started the program, I must admit that my days are being more productive.
Every morning I wake up and read the task for the day, and I feel more productive than before.

I keep up with my schedule, and even though I faced some anxiety in the past weekend, I am managing to reach my goals.
My agency has registered a +474% in the past seven days and it doesn’t seem to slow down.
I am honestly surprised by the results I am getting since I started following the Dancing & Life program.
I will keep you updated as the end of the challenge is coming closer, on the 12th of February!

Update: 1st of February 2021

Screenshot taken by my People per hour freelancer account.

This is the graphic of how my dedication since I started to hustle is paying off: a +939% on my profile as a freelancer.

I work from 8am, checking the first emails at 6am, and I don’t stop until 10/11pm…sometimes even midnight.

I have been able to welcome three freelancers in The Wandering Cloud who are helping me to keep this on track
And I am on my way to enter in the top freelancer of a platform with hundreds of thousands of freelancers.

A few months ago I would have never expected a +10% in the graphic, let alone a +939%.

In December, I was aiming to reach a +100% in three months.

Now I am headed towards the +1000% in a month.

It’s so great that you are figuring out your whys for the year.
You know that goal-setting is essential in the planning process for long-term success. Without goals, we only guess at our progress.
How are you feeling about the coming year?
Is anything standing in the way of your goals?

Update: 5th of February

This week has been incredible.
I am beyond speechless by the number of blessings I am welcoming in my life.
As you maybe have already read by my most recent post, my agency is on fire, and I have hired a fifth member of the team, Ben.
And new projects are coming in!
This is what Dancing & Life is about, taking a crisis and making it an opportunity.
My month with this challenge is almost finished, but I will cherish forever what I learned along the way!

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