Femme Luxe Haul 2021: PU joggers? Yes, please!

New Year, new me, but the same brand as you already know how much I love Femme Luxe Finery and how gigglish I am when I see the mailman carrying my order.

Marking one whole year together, this time I found a super rocker outfit but very comfortable, a sexy long-sleeved top, some incredible cargo joggers, and a white, oversized set.

I am thrilled because it has been a long time since the last time that I got something in PU faux leather.

So I will stop the chitty chat, and let’s dive together into this review.

Black PU Faux Leather High Waisted Cuffed Joggers – Amina

These are the famous pants I was talking about in the introduction.

I love this kind of pants.

I am a big fan of joggers, and you already know that.

But these are the sexiest joggers you will ever own.

Made of vegan-friendly PU leather, so it’s not real leather, they are cuffed on the ankles.

And they shape my curves thanks to the high-waisted detail.

They come in black, and they are absolutely perfect with a crop top with long sleeves.

Just like the one I paired up for these photos.

Red and black, such a rocker style for this Femme Luxe total outfit.

Blue Fleece Oversized High Waisted Utility Pocket Drawstring Cuffed Joggers – Sally


These pants are what we have all been waiting for for decades.

If you are a traveler or have a dog, you know how great it is to have pockets. 

A lot of them.

And to stay comfortable in the meanwhile.

Before these fleeced oversized joggers, for me, the best option was cargo pants.

Then Femme Luxe Finery came in help, and the perfect traveler pants were born.

They are comfortable, have multiple pockets, and of a generous sizing, and, are made of fleece.

In case you were wondering, fleece is a nice warm, and soft material.

I have almost all of my joggers in fleece, and I could live in them.

As I work from home, to be honest, joggers are my besties.

If I have a meeting, ok, I will dress up a bit and do my make up, but on average, joggers are my daily.

Pink Tie Dye Cuffed Joggers – Selenanne


These joggers are a bit light for the winter, so I am currently using them at home.

But I can’t wait to sport them outdoor when spring will come back.

On a personal note, I must admit that Femme Luxe Finery pushed my boundaries over the past twelve months.

I started wearing joggers in public, started wearing crop tops, and feeling confident in them and many other little things.

I love them.

These joggers in the model Selenanne, are made in cotton, fresh, and well made.

They are comfortable, easy to style and the tie-dye look is absolutely a trend.

I never had a pair of pants with this pattern.

So I am joyful to welcome them into my closet.

These joggers make me feel beautiful and stylish without too much effort.

Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

I and my never-ending collection of joggers, hoodies, and loungewear sets are a thing.

I love them.

We all have those days when either we are in a rush or don’t have the inspiration to stay there and think about how to match our clothes.

This coordinated set was a bit of a bizarre selection because I am not used to wearing wine-colored clothes.

But I am a fan of the Maria loungewear sets.

Last year, made me fall in love with this set after I ordered it in dark green, and I have been wearing it a lot.

So when I saw this color, I thought I could combine it with multiple options and wear it together.

I have been using the sweater to shoot a documentary for a Taiwanese TV channel upon the Renaissance.

The combination with the PU leather joggers was absolutely lovely.

So I am sure that this set, so soft on the skin and with those long sleeves, is a good investment.

It is available as I said as well in green, blue, grey and other colors.

It is washable in the washing machine, I wash those at 30 degrees with similar colors, and it is stretchy.

Feel free to stalk my Instagram to see the various items that I blog about in action, as over there, you will see how I wear them daily.

Let me know if there is any piece that you would love me to order and review.

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