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A busy month for me: find out what I am working on day by day!

One of the dresses that I got from SoulMia.

I know I have been “absent” from The Wandering Cloud.

The truth is that in the last few days, I have been busy with the new collaboration with SoulMia, a fashion brand.

They sent me seven outfits.

And I have to style them in different outdoor locations, so I have been wandering here and there and shooting the photos for the brand.

My photos will be included as well, in their look-book on their website.

The campaign is currently going on on my Instagram, as you may have seen from the last three posts, and it will feature dresses, bikinis, tees, and sportswear.

Of course, you can use my code BARBARAFAVAFMX to get a 18%OFF your shopping cart.

NewsBreak, meetings and finding news.

Aside from that, my job with NewsBreak is going strong.

I am posting almost every day on the platform:

You can have a peek at my articles here:

And many others that you can read by clicking here.

Music, techno and Submithub.

I got many submissions on my Submithub profile for new tracks coming out, and I have been working on a techno track with the Italian deejays and producers Mario Più and Rochembach.

PR and interviews have been part of my life this month.

You can read a couple of them on Danceland #2 and Danceland #3.

There is a lot going on at the moment, including preparing the next posts for brands here on TWC as I am currently waiting for the packages to arrive or to be released from the customs.

Can’t wait to show you everything!

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