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How I made it easy to plan the purchase of my new car.

Photo by Lloyd Freeman on Pexels.com

If there is something that we learned in the last couple of years while the world was dealing with the pandemic because of Covid-19, it is that owning your car is a necessity.

During the lockdown, public transportation was canceled, and doing the most common chores like going to the supermarket or, the doctor felt like a luxury having a car.

On the other side, smart working and home offices made us comfortable at home, without having to deal with commuting.

Before the pandemic, and so before the arrival of Sky, my American Staffordshire Terrier, I was considering buying a convertible.

Yes, though I live in Belgium, where it rains 300 days per year on average.

But you know, those 65 days would have been a bomb with the breeze running through my hair.

Big pup, big trunk, a bigger car.

Then Sky arrived, and because of his size and singing abilities, comparable to a husky whenever he sees another dog, I started thinking of a used vehicle with a bigger trunk.

Why a used vehicle?

Because pet owners will understand me right away.

The hair, the mud when it rains, and random scratches are common when the pets jump in the car when you travel with your pet.

And I have two cats and a big pup.

Therefore to avoid heavy heartbreaks, I am seeking a used vehicle, possibly a Skoda Yeti, a Mercedes M-Class, a Chrysler, or a Volkswagen.

I am considerating either an electric vehicle or a diesel one.

As you may have read from a couple of my previous articles, I am not an absolute genius when I have to calculate with numbers.

So honestly, any tool that can help me with the tasks is always welcome.

CarPaymentCalculator.net is one of those tools. 

And I like those guys because they care about stray pets

If you like animals and are up to helping them out, you vibe deeply with me.

With this website, I have been able to upgrade my planning of purchasing my new car much more effortlessly than having to do all the maths on my own.

Especially the part about consumption.

Gas prices are hitting the roof

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

With the gas prices hitting the roof these days, you may want to be sure not to end up broke every time you go to the gas station. 

This article on Forbes about “why are gas prices so high?” can give you a good perspective of the whole situation.

With the war between Ukraine and Russia, the price per gallon has reached a whopping 5 dollars.

So you may want to include this part while deciding which car you should buy these times around.

Now that you are all set, feel free to leave in the comments your thoughts about the situation, the article, and which car you are thinking (or re-thinking) to buy!

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