Is your kid in love with video games and cooking? Then you should read this!

We all know that, nowadays, kids are more and more into video games.

I have never seen so many kids dealing with tablets as in the last couple of years. 

For those twitching their noses, it’s the same old story.

When I was a child, I remember going to a restaurant in San Remo, on the Italian seaside.

End of the ’80s – early 90s’. 

The restaurant called Gambero Rosso had five or six water games.

When I was going there, being a 3-4 years-old-girl, I was always provided with one or two to entertain myself while my parents were having dinner peacefully.

Then it was the Sega Game Gear, the Game Boy from Nintendo, and all the other consoles we saw during the legendary Nineties.

I have always loved those video games where you could imitate real life. 

If you have seen Junior Master Chef USA, you may know by now that kids can be pretty awesome in the sublime art of cooking.

What if I give you today access to a page that will keep virtually busy and entertain your future Gordon Ramseys?

Play and learn. is a website where you can find a vastity of video games related to the kitchen, food, and restaurant dedicated to kids.

From cooking to serving to owning a restaurant or a cafè, these games will realize your little one’s dreams in a few clicks.

I tried a few of them, and my favorite resulted in those related as well to my favorite food.

The section dedicated to Mexican food is hilarious and provides fun for all families. 

Team up with Victor and Valentino and make your tacos’ stand the best place in town.

You will need to be quick in understanding the combinations requested by the clients and serving them.

Drag the platillos in the correct bubble speech and see your clients cheer about your service!

This game honestly makes me happy.

It reminds me of my happy years in Mexico City and even though the game has a cartoonish appearance, the atmosphere is really Mexican.

I used to eat at those street stands and playing this game is a sort of throwback moment.  

The elotes, tacos, quesadillas, all of these culinary delicacies that make my mouth watering just at the thought of it.

Among the superstars of the games, there are also the Bare Bears, Spongebob Squarepants and his friends, and many others.

I would really like you to try a few as I did and let me know your thoughts about them.

Or we could organize a gaming tournament!

Let me know in the comments!

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