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PUMA Europe: save from 30% up to 50% OFF on selected products this week!

We are about to enter the Xmas season! So time to start planning and buying your presents!

As you may have noticed, 98% of my photos are posted on social media, portraying me wearing a pair of PUMA shoes or slippers.

I have been purchasing PUMA since 2018: my sneakers, trainers, or slides, and I count on a good collection of them.

Back in the day, I also did a collab with PUMA Mexico when I was living in Mexico City when the Cara Delavigne collection came out.

Recently I started an affiliate collaboration with PUMA Europe.

This means that whenever you come back to the Wandering Cloud, discounts up to 65% + 20% on top (for this November, for example) will be available for you to use!

Let’s start with the promotion this week!

From the 1st of November to the 6th of November 2022, by using the code PUMADEAL and clicking here, you will get an immediate 30 to 50% OFF on selected products!

Come back next week to find the new deals code!

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