A Guide To Avoid Scams on Vinted. How To Shop And Enjoy It.

In the ever-growing realm of vintage and second-hand fashion, platforms like Vinted offer a vibrant marketplace for enthusiasts to explore unique styles and timeless pieces.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of fashion and an avid user of Vinted, I understand the allure of finding that perfect vintage gem.

I buy, I sell and I have an average rating of 5 stars.

But trust me, scammers are always around the corner.

I got a lady recently purchasing one of my items, after asking for a discount and obtaining it.

It was an almost brand-new eco-leather skirt from Zara, that I barely used if not for a single photo shoot. This woman claimed that I sent her something ruined, attaching photos of a very similar skirt but in a different color (mine is grey charcoal and matte, and her black and shinier than mine), and with the folding lines completely different from mine.

She wanted to send me back the item, obviously sending me back the ruined one to keep the good one and get her money back.

Did I ask for Vinted support? Yes, I did. Absolutely. I always pack my items with cure, involving them twice just to protect them better, I write a thank you note, and I put little presents inside. But yeah…eventually scammers don’t care about kindness.

However, with great opportunities come certain risks, and it’s essential to navigate the platform cautiously to avoid falling victim to scams. In this article, we’ll delve into some practical tips on how to enjoy the vintage wave on Vinted without getting caught in the undertow of scams.

  1. Research Sellers and Read Reviews:

One of the first steps to a safe and satisfying shopping experience on Vinted is to thoroughly research sellers before making a purchase. Take the time to explore their profiles, read reviews from other buyers, and pay attention to any red flags. A reputable seller often has a history of positive interactions and transparent communication.

  1. Utilize Secure Payment Methods:

When it comes to transactions on Vinted, always opt for secure payment methods provided by the platform. This not only ensures a safer transaction but also offers additional protection in case of any unforeseen issues. Avoid off-platform transactions to minimize the risk of potential scams.

  1. Inspect Item Descriptions and Photos:

Vintage items often come with unique characteristics and signs of wear, adding to their charm. Carefully scrutinize item descriptions and photos to ensure they align with your expectations. If a seller provides vague details or unclear images, don’t hesitate to ask for more information before making a decision.

  1. Communicate Effectively:

Clear communication is key to a successful transaction. Before finalizing a purchase, communicate with the seller to clarify any doubts or concerns. Ask questions about the condition of the item, its sizing, or any other relevant details. A trustworthy seller will appreciate your diligence and respond promptly.

  1. Stay Informed About Pricing:

While vintage fashion holds timeless appeal, it’s crucial to stay informed about the fair market value of items. Scammers may attempt to overprice items or create a sense of urgency to push a sale. Research similar items to gauge appropriate pricing and be cautious if a deal seems too good to be true.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com
  1. Trust Your Instincts:

In the world of online transactions, gut feelings often play a significant role. If something feels off or if a deal seems too risky, trust your instincts and reconsider the purchase. It’s better to pass up on a questionable deal than to fall victim to a potential scam.


As somebody who appreciates the elegance of vintage fashion and who has been in the second-hand world since she was 12, I believe that enjoying the treasures of Vinted can be a rewarding experience when approached with caution and diligence.

By researching sellers, utilizing secure payment methods, inspecting item details, communicating effectively, staying informed about pricing, and trusting your instincts, you can navigate the platform safely and make the most of the vintage wave. Happy hunting for your next timeless piece!

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