Welcome to my Cloud!

This is the first post of a long series of advices and stories about traveling.

My name is Barbara Fava and I’m an Italian girl of 33 years old.

I always been globetrotting in my life, I visited Europe, America, Africa, Asia…

I moved to Mexico back in 2014 where I started working as official voice of Monster Energy for extreme sports events.

Currently I still work as host for events (Monster Energy, MXGP, etc.) and I’m an influencer for travels and restaurants as I’m in the top 15% reviewers for TripAdvisor and top 5% for Google Local Guides.

In my blog you’ll see the hotels I stayed in, the restaurants I’ve been eating at, the airports I’ve been running through, and special spots to make your feed more instagrammable than ever with my sincere reviews about them.

Traveling is amazing and having someone giving you advices is better 😉!

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