A little Ginza’s corner in Mexico City: the Hotaru.

Walking distance from the luxury of Polanco, there’s an hidden gem of Japanese cuisine. Meet the Hotaru Lomas.

One of the best sushi I had in my life and you know, I count with 20+ years in eating Japanese food.

They have options like sitting on a common table or sit at the sushi bar to get a more personal experience.

I came here with my husband who never, neither once, had sushi or sashimi in his life, a couple of months ago, and since then the Hotaru made him a nigiri fan.
Mr. Van den Putte is still shocked from this place, from how good and I underline three times GOOD the food is in this place.

They have two options: the sushi bar and the “regular table”: of course we went for the sushi bar, I wouldn’t miss this food show!

The stage where the Hotaru’s Opera goes on.

The place has a classy and soft atmosphere, with perfect music and lighting.
We sat and we’ve been immediately welcomed by the amazing staff and served some cold drinks.

If you don’t know what to choose, let them choose for you with their “Omakase”. You’ll be surprised with the selection.

And they have a good beverage menú.
In the meanwhile our personal chef (yeah you got it right, a PERSONAL CHEF), started serving us right away a salad as a starter and kept on making nigiris that you can see in my photos, and they taste heavenly.

One of the super talented sushi men while creating culinary art at the Hotaru.

I’m just sorry I didn’t took a photo to the king crab one but the truth is, that I was so mesmerized by what I was eating…that I just eat it and then I realized I didn’t take the photo of it.
I beg your pardon.
Well in any case it was delicious and I’ll sacrifice myself voluntarily to go back and order it again to eat…ehm, to take the photo for you.
The sushi just melts in your mouth and it’s the perfect combination of tastes and delicious sightsee.
You know when you look at something and it look delicious but also beautiful and you feel almost guilty for eating it?
That’s it, but don’t feel guilty and go and live this unique experience in Mexico City.

Find more info and follow them here:

Hotaru Lomas Instagram

I’ll leave you some photos of the beautiful nigiris and specialties they serve here.

Truffles and Tuna? YES!
My favorite: the Totoaba nigiri “sellado”. It’s smoked live in front of your eyes.
Clams and butter: an amazing starter.
Scottish Salmon Nigiri
Akami Nigiri (the part with less fat of the tuna) with a garlic chip and algae nori
A Spicy Tuna Temaki because yes. We are in Mexico and a little bit of spicy never killed somebody 🌶
Lubina Nigiri 🍣: when fish, Citric tastes and Japanese Mint love to hang out together.
Another version of the Spicy Tuna Temaki but with a rice paper instead of nori.