Celuk Swing in Bali. Where to get your instagrammable photos and some great local coffee and tea.

The famous swings into the wild of Bali.

Who has not seen one of those incredible photos from some influencer while she is swinging high with the Indonesian jungle as background.

In case you are in Bali and want a photo like that without having to travel hours away from Kuta, I will give you an hint.
And it is called Celuk Swing.
Celuk Swing is a coffee place into the nature where you will be able to shoot a lot of instagrammable photos for your blogs, facebook and instagram.

Arabic Coffee flowers at the Celuk Swing in Bali.
Jackfruits growing on one of the trees here. No, it is not the smelly durian fruit even if they look almost the same.

Located about one hour away from Kuta Beach, is easily reachable via moped or car (we took a taxi to get there) and you will be easily going to spend about one or two hours in there.

Coffee beans
Spices and more coffee beans.
This is how the coffee is made and roasted here.

The staff is super welcoming and one of them will take care of explaining you about the coffee plantation, the procedures to hand made roast it and brew it and also about the various kind of coffees and tees, with a gourmet selection of them for you to try from.

The complete selection plus two Luwak Coffee

My favorite in absolute was the coconut coffee.

The menu you will try here with the whole descriptions.

If you come here to taste the famous Kopi Luwak (Kopi means coffee and Luwak is the Indonesian name for the civet, the animal that is part of the fermentation procedure of this kind of coffee) , here is available for the cheap price of 50k Indonesian Rupias (3 US dollars) while in the rest of the world, is from 50 USD up per cup. 

Kopi Luwak / organic

Yes. 50 dollars for a cup of this coffee which taste is strong, and in case you were wondering about, no, it does not taste like poop.

There were only two Luwaks on spot but they were sleeping because of being nocturnal animals (it was early afternoon when we arrived), and the guide explained us that the rest of them are kept in another spot, away from the crowds to not to distress the animals.

Right in front of the coffee tables, there are the swings.

You can choose from the single swing (one person on board) or the couple swing (which is not going to swing so high like the single one).

Both are worth it, and in case you decide to buy both experiences they are going to make you a discount on the price.

I went for the solo one, and as you were already able to see from my home page, it was totally worth it. The experience is going to last about 8/10 minutes and the feeling is amazing.

Another instagram tip are the jungle platform, where you can also take photos and the nests, another typical instagram hit from Bali and in general from Indonesia.

The Jungle platform
One of the nests. They will help you getting in with a stair.

Once you are finished with taking all your photos, your guide will escort you to the shop where you will be able to buy big or small packs of the whole selection it was offered to you during the experience.

Great experience and also great way to obtain great material for feeds.

Find them on instagram:

Celuk Swing on instagram

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