TuBrush. When a toothbrush made of Bamboo is the new eco~luxury item.

Bamboo is the new trend.

Also in the eco~products world, where saving the planet is rule number 1, bamboo has, in the last years, made a huge impact, changing for complete the market and making a revolution for those, like me for example, who care about using products made of materials that are low to no impact on the planet.

TuBrush is one of those products. I received my brushes few months ago and from moment one, it was love.

My TuBrush arrived at home, in a ecologic bag that I am currently using to storage other things while I travel, and a recycled paper box.

My TuBrush having a relaxing afternoon with some bathbomb friends from Lush

Inside the box there was a lovely hand written message from the company’s  people thanking me for choosing their TuBrush and helping saving the world.

Then there they are, two brushes and when I opened the first one (absolutely no plastic wrap in the whole package), I was in awe.

A real bamboo stick, with the brand’s name engraved and it is a real nice piece of design!

I’ve been using it for a while now, and I am totally satisfied with it, also I noticed a light whitening effect on my teeth, useless to say, that I carry it also while traveling.

TU BRUSH is FDA certified and the bristles are BPA Free, while the bamboo changes color over time, making it even more adorable.

When asked about how to recycle the TuBrush, their answer is easy as they go ~To dispose of your TU BRUSH™, you may throw it into the bin, a recycle bin, or remove the bristles and bury the handle in the soil for decomposing.

Cool! You can use the bamboo to decorate your garden (or kitchen or bathroom…)

Some friends of mine who saw it, were pleased to hear about it and they are now fan as well of the brand. 

If you wanna know more about the TuBrush, here is their website and for my readers, I have a discount code for you. Just type BARBARAFAVAFMX upon checkout http://www.tubrush.com

Or here, on their official Instagram


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