Bechamel: where Spain and Mexico melt together as delicious croquettes and tasty tapas in the very center of Mexico City.

Mexico is a melting pot of cultures and for sure the strongest one is the spanish influence.

You can see it in the colonial buildings, you can hear it in the language and you can also taste it.

One of the places I like to eat at while I am wandering in the historical center, it’s the Bechamel, presented as the place where you can eat what they call cocina Mexpañola.

Easy decorations and friendly atmosphere so you can come here dressed in a casual way and feel completely ok with the welcoming staff.

They are located one block away from the Zocalo (the main square of Mexico City), on the second floor of a building, you can see their balconies from the street underneath it.

As I have been visiting Spain in my life, I am familiar with the dishes but in any case, being the first time there, I kindly asked help to the staff to sort a mix of tapas and croquettes for me.

And that was a great idea.

I have been served fast, the presentation as you can see yourself was really nice and I really loved the mix of tastes they prepared for me.

I can easily understand why they are so famous for their croquettes because they were absolutely delicious and on point, and the tapas as well were really good.

I was impressed with the quality of their jamon serrano (Serrano’s ham), tasted exactly like in Spain so the importing procedure did not affected it at all.

A Russian salad tapas, a Serrano’s ham and one with goat cheese and apple.

So, if you are hungry and willing to try something different, go to Bechamel and thank me later.

If you wanna check them on Instagram, I leave here their profile:

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