Let’s go Bare With Me and Fill and Fluff by NYX Cosmetics!

One of the things that I always wanted to resolve was the opportunity of making long flights and still looking good and having my skin hydrated.

Those who like me know the feeling of having to deal with 25+ hours of flights ahead (my record this year has been a 41 hours chain of connections Mexico City to Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta to Banyuwangi), will agree that untill few months ago this was more a dream than a possible thing.

Until NYX Cosmetics came along with the collection named Bare With Me, a new complete line of primer and make up bases made to hydrate and leave your skin looking fresh no matter what.

I received a package the same day I was leaving for Indonesia (yes again but this time was Mexico to Canada to China to Indonesia so the other way round) from NYX Cosmetics Mexico with the full bases collection, in every tone, the primer and some of the new eyebrows pomade pencils FillnFluff.

So why not? Let’s try these products with the hardest test: intercontinental flights with no stop in between.

I applied the Bare With Me primer which is in a nice gel formula and the base #4 (in case you were wondering my tone), and I did my eyebrows (I use the ash tone) with Fill and Fluff while being on the plane from Canada to China.

I arrived to Jakarta looking fine (tired of course), just needed a little retouch with the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop eye concealer and I was good to go. My skin was not cracking, it stayed hydrated and it was not heavy at all.

Still a very natural look, or as tendencies, a #makeupnomakeup effect.

I took these photos at the Wyndham Opi Hotel in Palembang the day after we arrived, so for me it’s a 10/10 for NYX Cosmetics and their Bare With Me and Fill andFluff when it comes to travel.

Here you can check more about NYX Cosmetics, I will link the IG from NYX Mexico http://www.instagram.com/nyxcosmetics_mx


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