Crumb&Coaster, where you’ll be served coffees and smiles.

They use a lot of recycled materials for this place and NO plastic straws 👏🏻

Let’s be honest: one of the best thing about life is coffee.

A better one is a really good coffee.

Something better than this, is a really good coffee in a really nice place, served by a smiling staff.

The Crumb&Coaster is one of the most popular coffee places in Kuta, Bali.

I’m a regular guest here since last year, and I eat at this place at least twice a week when I’m in town.

I came here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and must say that I’ve never been disappointed.

The staff is super lovely and the atmosphere is relaxed and boho, in full Bali style. Plus they take care of the environment: paper straws and a lot of recycled materials.

And, great point, it’s SUPER INSTAGRAMMABLE. Wherever you’re sitting, you will be able to get nice boho photos for your Instagram or Blog.

The joy of a good coffee in the morning!

The drinks and food are made with local products as it is the coffee which comes from Indonesian plantations.

Both are well presented and also taste really good, doesn’t matter if vegan, fish or meat: they really take care of their food.

My grilled tuna

I particularly love their bowls made of fruits and their cappuccino: that’s my typical Balinese breakfast at the Crumb&Coaster:

Resuming, go there and enjoy it.

I love high vibrating places and this place has a lot of positive energy.

Check it on instagram here: Crumb&Coaster on Instagram

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