The Westin Santa Fe reigning upon a forest.

This book is in every room. So you can make up your mind on what visit during your stay in Mexico City.

Santa Fe is another world. The upper class part of Mexico City in every sense, by dominating the whole city from up above with its big skyscrapers.
One of those buildings it`s the Westin Santa Fe.

On the strategical position on a side of a really glamour mall and really close to the super trendy Cafe Flora, the Westin is what a five stars should look like.
Modern, warm, and extremely elegant, the Westin and its staff work hard to make you relax while you will stay there. 

I had the pleasure to spend there just one night for a medical congress but it was worth it.

My room was big enough, clean, airy, full amenities available, and the bathroom is quite a beautiful place.

And it has a bathtube which is a plus for me.

They give you a small roll on with lavander oil to relax before sleeping, a lot of pillow to choose from, a small minibar with coffee and tea, and the bathroom was filled with towels, bathrobes and everything to make even more pleasant my short weekend.

At the Westin, they think in green.
A pile of towels? YES!

My window was upon the mall but I found this hotel super silent.

The food also was pretty good, though I could not try the Market, their hit restaurant, but eventually I will come back to taste those nice dishes I was admiring on Instagram.

The Market has an incredible view upon the forest with a glass balcony, making it super instagrammable, so basically you come here and instagram everything. The food, the ambient, and the view.

Mine was a super fast visit but I am planning to go back there and find out more about its bars as well because they looked really nice from the outside.

If you wanna check them on Instagram you can check it here

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