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Garnier supports UNICEF: fighting together for mexican indigenous kids for having a better future.

Me with the others Garnier`s influencers: (from left to right) Ixpanea and Gaby Tips.

Yesterday I was invited to a Garnier`s event, but not a presentation or a commercial one.

It was an event dedicated to UNICEF Mexico and their alliance with Garnier in helping indigenous kids to have a better and brighter future in education.

They asked us to draw a solution for this obstacle. This was mine.

It’s a tragical situation: the 96% of indigenous kids who finish their primary school, are not able to read or write decently because of the lack of support and material in their own language.

Teachers face 4/5 hours of travel, everyday just to reach those kids and teach them their lessons.

But that’s not enough.

And that’s when UNICEF and Garnier decided to partner up to collect money to give those kids a better life and higher hopes.

From September until November, those products from Garnier’ skincare are part of this campaign, aiming to help in the final goal to keep on educating kids.

For every product sold, Garnier is going to give a minimum of 2.88 Mexican pesos to UNICEF.

Up to now, 19,000 thousands kids have been schooled with the help of Garnier and UNICEF, so quite a great collaboration.

So next time you’ll have to buy some skincare, you already know: buy Garnier and help a kid to dream bigger and better.

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