is the new way to travel and save money.

My face while seeing the offers on

As an influencer for travels and lifestyle, budgeting has been always a real thing for me.

You have to calculate flights, restaurants, activities…and not always you get sponsored deals so yes, it happens that you have to pay for being able to do your job.

Recently during my long nights wandering on google trying to find a way to overcome this “little” problem, I found the website promising great deals on hotels (and they also have activities, flights…so the complete thing you actually need to organize an holiday or a travel).

It works with a membership, I have it and the displayed prices are net of taxes, so literally, what you see, it’s what you get, not like most of websites promising you wonders and then, boom! From a 200 euros trip, it magically becomes a 1200 euros, breaking your heart and your bank account as well in few clicks.

Here I give you a demonstration of one of my searchs, did it right now while typing this article. I searched for an hotel, in Milan, Italy because I know well the prices there and the places, so here we go:

Yes I know my battery is running low. But my bank account isn’t thanks to this website.

So, Milan is freaking expensive. Is the fashion capital and bla bla bla so yes, you breathe and you already spent 50 euros without even realizing it.

A saving of 131USD dollars (it is showing in dollars as currently I am writing my blog from the American Continent), it’s a great deal.

The average discount goes from 20% to 40%, staying in an average of 30% and the offers are a lot as you can see, you can check the best area for you, and best number of stars.

Final verdict? The membership is totally worth it. In one trip you are going to get back the money you paid for it and plus you are going to save tons more along the year.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I am already checking hotels on it for Bali 2020.

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