The Truth Series by Source Vital: how I am learning to win my anxiety and recovering my mind, body and all the rest thanks to an online course.

Me at the Istanbul’s Airport after more than 24 hours awake, a trip with two cats who never took a plane before and my husband, and still fresh as a rose thanks to the Source Vital’s course The Truth Series.

Being an influencer always on the go, and being epileptic on the autistic spectrum means being also Miss Anxiety 2019 (and for all the past years up to 1986, when I came to this world…I love how I can make fun of myself but this is something you learn to deal with, and better to have a laugh about it).

I have days when my business tasks are really demanding and so is my condition, and that is when I wake up with anxiety and go to bed the same way, and it is no fun at all, I swear.

Some friends suggested to retake yoga classes, others to go to therapy…the truth is, my career doesn’t make time for all these things.

I needed something, I could literally take out from my pocket whenever needed and help me to gain my inner peace back.

And I found it: The Truth Series by Source Vital, a nine weeks course to literally work on myself, mindset, energy, body and lifestyle, wherever and whenever I am, doesn’t matter if I am in an airport or if I am home or in some backstage of some Arena waiting to start my show.

The thing is that we all know it but few will admit it: it takes a lot of discipline to control the mind and to keep a regime that will make us sparkle in every aspect, but if it is made with the right terms, times and ways, everything is possible.

Before starting my course I had a over-an-hour video call with the inventor of this system, Simon Robert Thomson and I think he is one of the most peaceful people I ever spoke with.

And that gives me faith that by the end of my nine weeks of The Truth Series, I will be in total control of my mind.

I already had the proof by being able to face a 30plus hours of travel from Mexico City to Cancun to Istanbul to Bruxelles with three airplanes and several hours of layovers in the company of my husband and our two cats Kawa and Gizmo.

I arrived to Istanbul without sleeping, basically being awake from Sunday morning and it was already Monday morning over there, and I was still in complete control of my mind and body.

And still I had a six hours layover, and another flight for three hours and something towards Belgium to do.

I was literally getting a nervous breakdown from organizing everything and I was scared to death about flying with my pets as it was something that we never faced together, but I managed to keep the calm I needed to do it.

So yes, I totally recommend the Truth Series by Source Vital and I will help you even more by giving you this code so you can buy it


This course is a life saver for sure!

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