I tried the MD Follicle Energizer and now I can compete with Rapunzel.

As many of you can remember, for over 9 years I was rocking around a super short haircut that was making me look a lot like P!nk, the singer.

Then a little over a year ago I decided to make my hair grow back again but of course the process has been super slow.

Because you have to cut the ends to make them grow more, because I used to dye them in a super light blonde/platinum, well my hair was taking forever to grow.

So I decided to make a research and I found the MD Follicle Energizer, which from the description was exactly what I needed to have a decent growing among the months.

It arrived to my house straight from their website and the bottle contains 28ml of  Biotin, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Panthenol, Ulva Lactuca Extract which sounds like a lot of good things for hair in case you did not know about it.

I proceeded to apply it to my roots thanks to the brush on the top of the bottle and kept on doing it for more or less two weeks now: I must admit that the dryness of my hair is gone, tchuss, bye, adios as well as my whole hair now feels way much more hydrated which is absolutely fantastic considering all the times I have been fighting with this problem because of the balayages I do.

I can notice a quite significant grow in lenght and for sure they feel more thick, making me more comfortable in wearing buns or pony tails.

Also another great point was the fact that all the components used to produce this serum of Wonders, helped me a lot with my problem of loosing hair due to the change of season.

I know it sounds horrible, but it is what it is: I do loose hair just like cats do while winter comes closer.

It is perfectly normal because a human hair has a limited life and that is when you experience the loss of your hair but of course, if you have an extra help, the growing is faster and your hair is going to last longer.

The Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases are natural and there is not so much that we can do about it, but in the meanwhile, there are brands like MD able to produce “never again without it” products just like the MD Follicle Energizer.

I have a friend of mine who experienced a bad situation due to a poor application of extensions (I do not like them so much, maybe because the one time I tried, was painful and uncomfortable as hell and it was six years ago. Never tried again.) and she got bald spots from it.

If you apply in a wrong way the extensions it does happen: you either end up with painful pulling extensions or you end up like Britney Spears or Naomi Campbel: with a huge lack of hair where you have been wearing the extensions.

Here a photo of the super top model but you can find more on Google if you need to motivate yourself about not going cheap when it comes to your skin or hair or body in general:

Please, never go cheap on your hair. I have been modeling for years for L’Oreal and I learnt to take a lot of care of my beloved hair.

So I actually took a chance to tell her about this serum from MD and she is focused on trying it.

I have been modeling for years for L’Oreal Pro for hairstyle, haircut and haircolor catwalks and all I learned from it is that you really need to take care of yourself, body, skin and hair included because they are part of your business card, of your presentation when it comes to nowadays world.

So I would recommend absolutely the MD Follicle Energizer if you want a boost for your locks and I already checked about their other serum, the one for eyelashes and must say and admit that it is teasing me to the next level.

I would never use fake eyelashes made of mink, when you see me wearing fake lashes are those on/off made of artificial hair, but I would love to try their serum and see literally how far I can go with my natural ones.

As always I leave you a code to redeem a discount because yes, we love buying products that works and if they are with a discount, why not?So just go on their website https://dealspotr.com/getcode/GCTDi and use my code BARBARAFAVAFMX to get a discount

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