Sleep tight with GoSleep.

One of my nightmares while traveling and having to take long flights is the discomfort while trying (hard) to sleep or just to fall asleep.

I have bought something like 3 or 4 “C” pillows and still, I always end up watching one movie after the other because I can not sleep, thing that makes me feel super tired once we arrive to destination.

My ideal travel pillow would be made of memory foam and with a pocket where I could put my passport and phone as I don’t like to leave them in the seat pocket, and with a complementary super soft mask, not too tight, not in some super warm material and big enough to not to let the tedious light from the alley slip in it.

The american brand GoSleep was my answer.

I got my own set few days after order it online and here is what I think about this travel set made in U.S.A. and that with every sell, helps an abused and neglected dog through the association Animal Hope&Wellness.

So travel in style, comfy and knowing that you helped a dog in having a better life.

First of all it came in a nice personalized bag that on a travel is always useful: it contains your pillow, your mask and you still have space for a mini beauty kit for the flight and maybe a couple of stuff more.

The pillow is a lovely travel size pillow, made in memory foam that feels great at touch and makes you wanna squish it, it has also a “secret” pocket where you can eventually store your mask plus passport and phone and the charger or something else.

I mean, it is a pretty big pocket so you can use it as your squishy travel’s pochette.

It is made in different prints, but I choose the one with the names and images of other Countries and Cities, called Pan Am Cocktails but there are other prints you can choose from and I must admit I wanted more than one of them.

The mask is a BIG mask, soft, light weighted and with a nice retro graphic from Pan Am showing a lady sleeping on her plane seat but declaring “Disturb me for cocktails”.

My GoSleep on its first ✈️

Yes. That is the best ever message on a sleepy mask that has ever been printed:I can totally be disturbed for cocktails, no matter what stage of my sleep I am in.

But the innovation starts when GoSleep is going to stop you from the hated “head-bob”.

Tired of arriving to destination stuck and rigid as Pinocchio when he was still a wooden puppet? Of being better than MacGyver by inventing new anti-bobbling systems like tying your scarf to the headrest? Of becoming intimate with your neighbour because you suddenly fell asleep on her/his shoulder?

Here I’m performing the position called The Thinker
And in this one the one known as The Tent ⛺️
And here I was actively helping to keep up the wall.

The answer is the GoSleep mask and its adjustable toggles, that will help you to mantain an upright position while sleeping. The memory foam pillow will prevent you to assume weird positions with your neck by filling the space remaining between your neck and the headrest.

I have tried it on a short flight from Milan, Italy to Bruxelles, Belgium and it worked nicely and the materials are really fresh so I already decided that is going to come with me also on longer flights like to Asia.

As I love a LOT my readers, I will leave you a 20%off discounts on it so you can go and buy your right away here using my code BARBARAFAVAFMX. Click on this code to redeem your offer:

My husband felt the urge to steal it from me at one point and he fell asleep in 5 minutes sharp.

So I guess we will welcome another GoSleep really soon.

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