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MyID: when safety meets fashion, the lifesaving accessory.

If I tell you “medical bracelets”, for sure the first thing that will come to your mind are unfashionable, “meh” gummy things with some information about you written on the back or even worst on the front.

In HORRIBLE COLORS, because yes, they look like the closest thing to ER bracelets and they are sad.

Well get ready to have your world rocked by the american brand MyID, the revolutionary brand that takes care of your safety, health and style, all in the same moment.

As you already know, I am epileptic and the truth is that when I have a seizure, everybody starts to panic, not knowing what to do or how to help me.

I am conscious but I am paralyzed so I can hear what they say but can not communicate and every second counts in those situations.

Vital informations as name of the medical treatments you are on, doctor’s phone numbers, emergency’s contacts of your family and friends, your medical folder, your blood type, your name…I mean, these are all things that in case of an emergency are life-savers.

And here is the news: MyID takes care of making a virtual profile, with all the medical informations that you could need and makes it available for rescuers through a QR code or with a user number and a pin.

As they claim on their website: “Every MyID medical ID product has 3 access points to your free online medical profile.

A unique QR Code, 24/7 Live Operator, and website access. Also, you can link as many MyID products as you want to your online profile.”

All in the inside of the accessories. And it is true.

And they are absolutely great and fashionable: they have all kind of sports bracelets, kids, they have metal bangles and necklaces, bands to put on your watch…and they come with every condition, from epilepsy to asthma, from diabetes to autism, name one and they have it.

And your profile is FREE FOR LIFE.

I went for a metal bangle bracelet, super cute, with pendants, in silver color, with a tag where I have engraved my name surname, my condition and my nationality, on the front and on the back there is my ID number, pin and QR code, and for a medical grade silicone one in pink and black, my favorite colors.

They arrived within a couple of weeks here in Milan, Italy, opened the bag, opened the MyID app on my phone and in two minutes I linked both bracelets to my profile.

My husband who is a professional freestyle motocross athlete also got one, same as my pink and black one but just in grey with black and he is also really satisfied with it as for them is literally lifesaving having all these infos right away.

So if you wanna buy it with a discount of a woooowing 50%off, go to this link: and use my code BARBARAFAVAFMX.

Big up for MyID, and oh! They are really lovely people on a mission, I had the chance to chat with them and they are really dedicated to their job.

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