Reakiro CBD: the full spectrum made in Europe.

So you have an idea of the mg available with Reakiro. I have the 300mg one. I suggest you to start with the lowest to see which one fits you the best.

It is not a unknown fact that I am a huge fan of CBD and its effects on the daily life.

As you know, I am epileptic and I started using CBD oil, last year while I was still living in Mexico City in an attempt of getting rid of prescribed medication for my condition as they make you really, but really sleepy.

And I fell in love with it.

No more headaches, no more anxiety, no more seizures but also no more cramps during my period, nor sickness…I mean, I went for it to solve one thing and it solved basically my whole existence talking about health.

CBD is know for its large spectrum activity, it can be used not only for anxiety or epilepsy but also for Alzheimer, chronic pain (my husband took it orally and topically for a bad crash he had in Tijuana on a show of freestyle motocross and after three days his knee was looking way much better), cancer patients, multiple sclerosis and many others.

It does not contain THC so it does not cause any psychotropic effects, in simple words, you can’t get high from using CBD oil, therefore it is approved in many Countries around the world.

Few weeks ago I got in touch with the European brand Reakiro, and I am quite impressed by how fast they work and how lovely they are while you talk with them, which is a really importan thing when you are dealing with a product that you need for your own health.

Short long story, after a chat where I explained them my needs, they managed to send me a PR Box with their Reakiro premium full-spectrum CBD oil of 300 mg right away.

I tried it and it does taste good first of all, which is not something common in CBD as most of oils taste really horrible so this is already a plus.

Second thing, I had a migraine that day as sometimes it happens when you are epileptic and I took few drops under my tongue.

About ten minutes and I was already starting feeling better. Must say that epilepsy requires higher dosages of CBD like around 1000 mg or highers in case of seizures but 300mg, to tame down an headache, even a strong one, is more than enough.

And this is something more about their Company that I really appreciate:

Our production involves organic extraction to ensure purity without any chemical solvents.

All products are tested by independent registered third-party laboratories at each stage of production.

No harsh chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, Gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, Non-GMO, Made in EU with EU certified seeds.

Meet our high-quality CBD oils, CBD aroma sprays, CBD capsules, and raw hemp extract.

They also offer free shipping on ALL orders within the EU and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so no way that you are going to regret buying from them.

So for me, as I moved here, Reakiro is going to be a leading brand when it comes to decide which CBD products I will buy, and as I really care about spreading even more the positive effects of CDB on the daily life, here you have a discount code of 20%off (!!!) to use it with Reakiro and my personal code to use on their website which is RELAX

As usually, if you need more infos on CBD and how to take it, feel free to leave a comment or to send me an email through the contact page here on my Blog.


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