Studying for a Digital and Viral Marketing Diploma while I am travelling? Yes, with Shaw Academy.

Lo The hardest thing about my job are not the jet-lag or the fact that I have to stay away from home for months sometimes.

Is that I am not able to follow courses I would love to enroll myself just because you have to be ON THE SPOT. You have to assist to classes, you have to sign a presence, you have to go to school.

As many of you already know, I have a huge passion for marketing, especially for digital marketing which is also my job together with being a professional host for sports events.

Has been a long time since I wanted to improve my skills and abilities into marketing but all the courses I was checking on, were merely about going to a physical school, so not a good match with my lifestyle.

While wandering around the lists of campaigns that I could apply to, I got into the one from an institute called Shaw Academy, located in Dublin, Ireland.

I went to read the brief and it was stating that they are an online academy, with online courses which are audio/video recorded and deliver them to students through scheduled webinar times decided by the student to suit their own schedule.

And that they were offering a whole year scholarship in exchange of an honest review.

Among the subjects that they take care of, there are digital marketing, viral marketing, financial trading, web and mobile development, health and fitness, nutricion and photography.

Like wow! I could study, attend lessons from wherever I am and all I have to do is scheduling my lessons and attend my classes.

And the best news? They accepted my submission so I got myself a full year of free studies. Hell yeah! Dad be proud of me! I finally have a scholarship!

I must admit I wasn’t that much into studying when I was younger and I regret it a lot. Wish I had a little bit more the maturity I have now to understand the gift I had with the chance of being able to study.

Kawa supporting me while attending my lesson.

I mean, I came out decently from my high school, one that I did not choose on my own but was a forced option by my parents (wanted to study arts and they got me into languages claiming I was going to starve with arts) and unfortunately due to a family’s economical problem, I had to drop out at the second year my PR and Advertising studies at the University and get myself to work.

Short story, long story, let’s go back to present.

So I went to check their websites which is pretty easy to understand, you create a profile and while I was checking it out, I saw that to every new student enrolling the Academy, they offer four weeks of free classes on a trial so you can actually see if you like this kind of schooling or not.

I went to check the courses and I read all the introduction about Digital Marketing and I immediately went for it.

Then I saw Viral Marketing, which is one of my life goal to be able to create a viral campaign, and I also enrolled it.

Then I saw App development and Web development…and I waited because I wanted to attend first to those classes I already enrolled in.

You attend two classes per week which means two hours (every course is made by two hours you will have to attend every week), and yesterday I attended my first two, I decided to schedule Digital Marketing and then Viral Marketing, one after the other.

I made myself a coffee and here we go, and before I could watch again the clock, my lesson finished.

Like time flies when you are interested in something. Both teachers explained the lesson in a clear way, pausing to let us writing down points.

I understood completely and in a couple of hours, I made it through my first two hours at the Shaw Academy easily and without any doubt left.

I am actually thinking about enrolling more courses and just reserving them through the week, as they also have a couple of nice photography courses dedicated to social networks.

In the meanwhile I am going to give you a free access for 30 days to their courses so you can check it out yourself:

Go and use my code BARBARAFMX to access to their full choice of classes.

Pretty sure I will see some of you virtually sitting next to me in the next weeks because culture…it is always worth it.

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