Keep the party (and your feet) going with AfterSocks!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, party all the way!

Christmas time is coming, we are literally a less than ten days away from December, when everyday it’s a reason to celebrate.

And to dress up.

But it means also that we are going to wear high heels shoes a lot, and all of us know that doesn’t matter how good we are in walking with them, you will reach that point where you just wanna kick your heels off together with your dignity and along with them the pain.

If you are not partying on a beach or on a comfortable green grass then please don’t: your feet love you and walking without any protection could cause cuts and bad things you don’t want to deal with.

But as my grandmother used to say, everything has a solution and this one arrives from my friends Monika and Joel, the owners of the Amsterdam’s company Aftersocks.

Aftersocks is a company born from the idea of Joel, after witnessing Monika dealing with the classical after party pain due to the use of high heels at the party they were attending.

He made fashionable socks with an whole 100% PVC sole to allow ladies to be able to wear them, once the party is over, and avoid you to walk back home in Bambi style or barefoot.

They are practical: imagine having the chance of taking of your shoes and walk with your socks, but with a sole to protect your feet, and being able to pack them in your CLUTCH or in your pockets. Bye ballerinas. Bye tennis shoes in a bigger bag. From today I carry my Aftersocks.

But like everywhere. On the plane, at home, out from the club, I will Aftersocking whenever I can.

Yep. That’s it. They have also a nice little bag to fold them and carry them around with you.

I got myself the gold ones, but they also come in silver and in black, and I really liked them (I featured them in this unboxing video on my youtube channel: and don’t forget to subscribe!).

They feel soft, yet the sole is anti-slippery, and they are really nice to see, not the average anti-slippery socks that you wear at home combined with your pajama, you can totally wear them with sandals, open toed shoes, pumps, like whatever you want.

Another great thing about this company is that for every pair of socks that they sell, AfterSocks are going to give one to someone in need around the world.

Hollywood’stars talk about them, TV talks about them, bloggers and influencers (heyaaa!) talk about them, and that’s the reason: it’s a brand with its big heart on the sleeves. Fashion and Charity are always a good match and for me, Aftersocks has both.

I leave you here a link to grab a 10%off your AfterSocks shopping http://(

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