The Vegan Vaping is here: Kind Juice.

The smile of someone who found finally a vegan 🌱 and artisanal brand for vaping.

One of the most controversial arguments among my vegan and non-vegan friends is all what concerns vaping.

Of course the non-vegan have more peace of mind when it comes to go and buy their liquids, while my vegan friends…well it is always a “Is this juice vegan?”.

The uncertain feeling of not being aware if a certain product is vegan or not, most of times back them off from buying their supplies.

Kind Juice is a brand from the United States which provides a large selection of e-liquids made with love and a lot of artisanal work.

Their brand is located in Florida and my package arrived in a surprising four days to Belgium, which is really fast and is a plus one point when it comes to decide if ordering here your liquids.

Patriot’s Brew ☁️ , I use a Smok Novo

I got myself Once in a Blue Moon, Harmony and one from their Tobacco selection, called Patriot’s Brew. I have never bought before a tobacco flavor but the description (which results to be really precise, those flavors that you will read on the website are actually those you will smell once you receive the product), pushed me to give it a try.

Also the bottles are a great size, in glass, so no contamination at all from that side of the story and you are sure that you are paying for quality AND quantity.

Kind Juice as I said before is a vegan brand but also all natural, made with pure botanical extracts, and above everything is handmade, a powerful combination of three aspects that made me choose to write about them.

Among my readers I know that there are some with some allergies but I am bringing also a great news for all of us: these juices are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, gmo-free.

As for my choosen juices (they have a really large selection, check it out on , I already tried Harmony, which is a lovely e-gel so more consistent of a normal juice, and a summer breeze of pear sorbet, with violets, my ADORED lavender with roses. I would totally choose it for vaping in Bali, while sipping my coconut water straight from the fruit on the beach.

Trying Harmony on the streets of Antwerp ☁️

And I tried also Patriot’s Brew which feels perfect for this season, autumn. Totally a great match with a coffee or a glass of bourbon or whisky or scotch.

I relate it to a London or Scotland or Canada’s vibe, also due to the presence of the maple in it. I tried it yesterday and my husband William also loved it. It has a brewing time of two months, a maturation of four months and a steep time of three weeks. This makes this liquid a even more enjoyable and rich product.

The organic tobacco makes it a smooth cloud even for ladies, because yes, vaping ladies are mostly into desserts-to-fruity juices (for example me) but this one felt just perfect for both.

I am headed to London soon so I will take it for sure with me: I am already seeing myself in the winter cold of the United Kingdom, with my teddy coat, a soft scarf, laughing with my best friend and clouding around Piccadilly Circus with Patriot’s Brew.

As for Once in a Blue Moon, I still have to try it (I have only two tanks at the moment so need to finish one to be able to refill it again), but when I opened the bottle, and I did it in one of my youtube videos, I was like “WOW”, it DOES really smell like blueberries, which is one of my favorite fruits.

Here he comes making clouds like a train 🚂

I have tried some liquids before that claimed to be about blueberries, but the results was a “meh…”, they were everything but berries in it.

This one…well I can understand why it is an award winning: it sticks to the promise.

I really want you to be able to taste them all, so as always, because I love you so much, here you have your link to go and claim your 20%off discount and the code is BARBARAFAVAFMX

They are deliciously cloudy

Looking forward to hear your opinions on this brand, as for me has been a great choice when it comes to vaping.

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