Diamonds, art (and Chocolate) are girls best friends!

For me a whole faux leather outfit as the rainy weather, did come with us.

Little I knew before moving to Belgium, that this place is famous for the best chocolate in the world, for waffles and for diamonds.

It’s really common here, having a walk and crossing paths with multiple chocolateries and jewelries shops.

Of this collection, these are the only pieces availables, so the exclusivity of it it’s quite evident.

Could be totally like “Oh! I like this dark chocolate with strawberries and salt…and also this trilogy’s ring!”.

So last night I have been invited by the PR agency The Kube, to assist to an art and jewels event in the historical heart of Antwerp at the flagship boutique of their client Unsaid Library.

The presentation of the exposition.

It was a presentation of some of the pieces from the art collection of the artist Louise Mertens and the limited edition jewels by Unsaid Library, all dedicated to powerful and positive emotions, such as the sisters’ bond, as a birth, as a love story and so on.

Elle Belgie and some other selected medias were attending the event during the day.

The event, was also supported by the famous chocolaterie DelRey, which took care of creating some chocolates inspired to the jewels, so you could actually walk around, see the paintings, see the jewels and eat those delicious chocolates.

The chocolats created by DelRey to celebrate the art of Louise Mertens.

The catering served was composed by a vegan walking dinner, really appreciated by me and non-alcoholic drinks as wine, red and white, also really tasting.

Was my first time trying non-alcoholic wines and must say that I did not feel so much difference with the alcoholic ones, just that I was completely sober.

The pieces from Ms. Mertens are powerful, intimates and feminine at the same moment, with an average price of 2,800 euros.

Among the public, several bloggers, influencers and celebrities from Belgium.

From the jewels, Unsaid Library managed also to create four inspired eau de toilettes, with a classic yet avant-garde’s scent.

The perfumes created for Unsaid Library.

Another artist on the spot was the calligraphy expert Stefanie Buysse, also known as Touch Of Gold, who provided letters, beautifully handwritten by her in gold, that you could dedicate to whoever you love.

The artworks by Louise Mertens for Unsaid Library are going to be displayed from 28 of November 2019 until 12 of January 2020 with the exposition called Ellipsis.

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