Being comfortable and sexy: meet Foxers underwear.

How many times have you thought that it would have been fair to the whole world to be able to wear some underwear comfortable as men’s ones but sexy like women’s ones?

I did. A lot also.

I travel a lot and the battle between wearing comfortable underwear without killing the vibe is the real deal: having to sit in a plane for 14 hours to jump on another one…I have seen the sex bomb inside of me fading away so many times while checking my underwear choices for flights, that I should probably pay her some therapy to overcome the traumas.

But let’s be realistic: making intercontinental flights with high heels and g-strings…I leave it to Samantha Jones or Carrie Bradshaw.

Luckily for all of us little flight potatoes, the company Foxers decided to come in help and create a super comfy, sexy, lace underwear to fulfill our dreams of being able to step off the plane and say “Hey, look at me, 41 hours straight and slashing like Tyra Banks on the runway.”.

Aaaand…they sent me over a couple of their products for me to try as a present.

I received my package from them few days ago, and first impressions are most of times, the right ones, so was nice to see that they took the time to wrap my Foxers in a paper with their sticker to close it.

Inside there were two plastic bags, one with the bottom part and another one with the upper one, in a lovely water green color mixed with some lace and grey details.

I tried it on and the top comes with an included bra so that’s kind a great thing: one of my biggest problems when I travel is to have to sit down with having the bra’s hooks pressing against my back, and that’s a reason why I mastered the Houdini’s trick to unhook it while having my tee on.

Of course having a tee that already comes with a bra and no seams on the back…sounds already like a win to me.

The bottom part is the cutest, sexy and feminine version of those boyfriend’s boxers you steal whenever you can, from your man.

I do that. William’s underwear has been declared part of my pajamas since last year.

But now I have MINES! And they are really comfortable being made in cotton, the whole set just fits perfect.

As for the sizes, I am a size 36/38 (sometimes 40) on the “Zara’scale”, weight 68 kilos for 1.73mt and I got myself an M, so you can calculate more or less the one perfect for you.

On their website, , they have pages of choices you can scroll: colors, kind of underwear, sleepwear…and they also have matching undies in case you wanna Foxerize your man.

And brides to be, there are also undies for you as much as for your groom.

So, resuming, I loved them. Like, give me comfy clothing, pijamas, underwear and chocolate and you will win my heart.

I will leave you here a special code to save your 20%OFF so here you go:

And the code to use with it is BARBARA20

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