When life throws us curves, we have to stick to it. Sugar stick and never let go with CTB Market.

Jingle bells, jingle beeeeeells!

Less than a week and it’s Christmas! As you can see from my photos, we are already full-Christmas-mood.

The tree is up (and ending the festivities will be part of our garden), decorations also, and this year, I feel more Christmas than ever by having sugar canes thanks to CTB Market.

They are a lovely European company from Germany, with whom I got in touch with earlier this month and we found out to have a lot of things in common such as the love for natural ingredients, the eco-friendly way of living and the love for handmade items.

So they decided to send me over a couple of boxes of their products to try.

They sell several kind of the, including black, matcha and green, but they also produce these practical and delicious sugar sticks, with a wooden support and rocks of sugar, which are those you can see in my photos.

I tried it for more than a week now and I will order more as they are the right amount of sugar I love in my coffee, and I must admit, they look really nice with a cup, using them as sugar coated spoons for your beverage.

I would totally recommend this to coffee places owners, restaurants, hotels and so on.

If you want to see more of CTB Market, just click here and you will go straight to their web site.

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