Cozy sweaters, champagne and Christmas around the corner with Modlily.

Today in Antwerp, on a coffee break between one shop and the other.

After almost six years in Mexico (and the first three months of those in Los Angeles, California), my usual outfits were composed by outfits made for the tropical weather of Frida Kahlo’s Country.

No coats, no sweaters, maybe some blazers and hoodies just in case.

When the time to pack my whole existence there came, I quickly realized that I was about to relocate myself back to Europe in October.

And not in Spain or Italy where the weather is mildly kind. No. I was moving to the forever rainy Belgium.

I arrived and just by chance, last july I bought a teddy coat on a sale because “you never know when you could need it” and honestly because I wanted it so bad.

Well I have been living in it since we arrived (holy sales, I knew it would have come in handy one day), though I was born in the north of Italy, Milan, so used to snow and cold winters, in those almost-six-years of taco’s life, my body forgot about what it means to have to deal with snow and cold.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the PR brand manager of Modlily, which is a online store selling clothes from China, asking if I could be interested in a collaboration with them and she sent me a link where oh-la-la’! It was about sweater all the way.

I am pretty sure she saw some of my Instagram stories where I was talking about the Belgian weather with the same happiness of Toni Braxton singing Unbreak my heart in the Nineties, so she decided to send me an email to test the waters. Or the snow in this case.

Results, I received my sweaters yesterday and I have to admit that it was the first time ever with me ordering clothing online.

Taken from my Instagram story when I opened the package 📦

I opened the DHL package, which arrived in two days sharp (basically it took longer for me to choose which ones I wanted than for the items to arrive. Please never come to shop with me, unless it’s Decathlon so maybe you could camp in the camping area in a tent while waiting for me), and I was surprised to see how well packed were the two sweaters, each one in its own wrap and well folded.

I ordered a grey, almost silver sweater, with a lace on the front and in a L size as my normal one is the M but you have to upscale of one when ordering from Modlily.

It is lovely, soft, it arrives a little bit under the end of my back, really comfortable and yesterday night, I had the chance to wear it to an opening event of a beauty salon, which party was half outdoor and half indoor and I was feeling perfectly fine the whole time, not too hot and neither too cold.

Wearing the grey sweater that Modlily sent me at my friends event.

I saw that they have also an orange version of this one, so in the future I may got for it as I love warm tones.

The second one is a boho style one, also quite long, black and white, open on the front, fringes on the bottom and large sleeves to allow you to wear it with something else under it.

I really loved the casual feeling of this one, totally something I would wear while traveling, as it feels also really nice when I tried it on.

I stiled it with knee-high boots from Forever21, leggings and a belt I bought in Mexico few years ago.

So to resume, I am happy that the PR manager reached out for me because not only I got two lovely sweaters but I also got rid of my “anxiety” of ordering clothing online seeing how nice the items are.

If you want to go on a little shopping spree on this website just click here to be magically transported to Modlily.

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