How to dress like Carrie Bradshaw in 2020 without ending up broke.

The “5$ tutu dress” from the first season of S&tC

Carrie Bradshaw is an icon.
Just as much as the actress that brought her to life for over a decade in the TV series (and in the two movies) Sex&The City, Sarah Jessica Parker.

All of us have a favorite one among the Fab Four of Manhattan.
We all cried, laugh, and hated at least one of their boyfriends or husbands because they reminded us of some Mr. Big, Aiden, Petrovsky, or the sad Berger, Mr. Post-it.

Because years may pass by, but we will never forgive someone leaving us or our favorite character of a tv-series with a post-it.

Carrie and her friends Charlotte, Samantha, and the, in my opinion, underrated Miranda are still nowadays reflections of a generation of women who loves to let down their hair (and go wild sometimes), with some incredible outfits.

They gave us some remarkable life lessons about men, how to deal with them without sugar-coating the situations by reminding us that “They say nothing lasts forever …dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” (Carrie).

In this post, I will show you how to pull together some outfits inspired to the woman who “couldn’t help but wonder” what to do with Mr.Big but could dress up like a queen, no matter what.

The Paris Green Skirt.

Oh, la-la the iconic outfit of the Parisian night when she finally ran away from Aleksander Petrovsky (sorry, I hated him, hoping for him to get electrocuted with his artworks for breaking her heart).

The outfit is composed of the mid-length green skirt in tulle, golden sandals, a beige blazer, and a white top (and the faux fur hand-warmer).

You can find a similar skirt on Aliexpress here, and it is available in multiple colors so, just choose your mood, and it will be your for only 10$.

Of course, if you want to look stunning, there is also this version here that is handmade and with a lot of volume for 20$. I ordered the first one because It’s more versatile and practical to pack.

You can find the beige blazer by clicking  here for this “expensive” one, which cost 60$.

The white corset costs only 11$ here.

The sandals are available here for as much as 50$.

The Newspaper Dress.

The Newspaper Dress from John Galliano’s creations for Christian Dior 

2000 Spring Collection is not exactly what we would categorize as “on a budget”.

It costs approximately $1500, plus the Christian Louboutin sandals for $3,325, a necklace by the brand Chauhan Minassian for “only” $20,000, the bag branded Bea Valdes for $4,340, for a total cost of $23,825. 

At least.

So here you can find a dress, similar to this one but for $18, a version more stretch than the original one and pretty in my opinion. 

I have this one, from the UK brand Femme Luxe Finery, I found it in spring, and it is comfortable by being stretchy, with long sleeves and an ideal length of just under the knee.

I thought it would be helpful for you to buy something that I already have and can give an actual review on, review with photos that you can read here.

The sandals, if you want to stick to the lace look of her shoes here and here you will find something for you. Everything is from 50$ to 70$.

The bag is a little lovely white bag with some decorations on it, and here you can find one option, here , this one may also fit the look.

“Hello, I live here.”

One of my favorites, this was part of the super fashionable house-hunting with Mr.Big.

They visit the incredible apartment, and she declares, in awe, “Hello, I live here.”.

You can see one option here and another one here for the dress, which is a ’50s inspired floral green dress right under the knee. In case you would like to go long, this may be the one for you, the three of those go from a range of 7$ up to 20$.

The eccentric bag, representing the Eiffel Tower, costs around 3,000$ at the Patricia Field’store (the costume designer of the series) in Miami.

But you can find one similar here and is the cheapest one I found for 135$, but it is handmade so worth it.

The belt, I found two options that could fit the style here and here as have to be a black belt with studs on it and the waistline.

To complete this outfit, she wears a sort of sleeveless kimono.

I found those for prices around 7$ to 16$: option 1 and option 2.

These were my favorite three looks from Carrie Bradshaw.

In the future, I would love to write more about their outfits, so feel free to suggest in the comments which girl I should feature and with which look.

As a suggestion, read the reviews left by customers before buying something and ask the seller for the measures as items sometimes tend to be slightly smaller than average sizes.


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