Strawberrynet Fall 2020 Luxury Haul

My desk looking luxury today

Summer is gone, and a new season means new eau de toilette and makeup colors for me.

I was trying to think about which scent would have been my best friend for this Autumn 2020, when I got notified by Alexa, about a new mail from my loves at

Easy peasy lemon squeazy, I jumped on my email account to read it, and they sent me a voucher for 100USD to spend on their lovely website.

Now, as you remember, last summer, I wrote my first review about Strawberrynet, and I was very impressed by the quality of the items received.

Strawberrynet is a beauty online shop where you can choose among hundreds of products of the best brands, and among those, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Burberry, Nyx, Tweezerman, and many others.

The best part? 

The HUGE discounts.

There are products discounted from 10% up to the 80%OFF, and this means that you can afford to buy more makeup products and beauty tools than on any other platform.

Here you can check how it went the first time with them, but this time, I went in a completely other direction.

Yes, my loves: this time, I ordered Eau de toilette, a makeup palette, a jumbo crayon, and a mascara.

Jimmy Choo Eau de toilette

The first item will make you hum the opening song of the most iconical tv series of the ’90s to early 2000: Sex and The City.

We all know Carrie Bradshaw, and we know how much of a fan she was of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo.

She ran up and down the City that never sleeps in their shoes, and she made us suffer, laugh, and think about our relationships while wearing those iconical brands at her fashionable feet.

When I saw the Eau de Toilette, I just clicked add to the basket right away.

Who am I to say no to Choo?

This perfume is so fresh, flowery, and classy.

And it is the perfect size to be Carrie-d in your purse.

Pun intended.

Moschino Cheap’n’Chic Chic Petals 30ml

The first time that I had one of these historical perfumes from the Italian brand was in the ’90s and something.

It was 1995 when the first bottle shaped like Olivia from Popeye was winking at us from the shelf of the perfumery, and we wanted it.

Not because at nine years old, I was such a great fashion expert, but because I wanted that bottle.

Now at thirty-four years old, I keep on wanting the bottle. And the content inside of it.

I love this edition.

Fresh yet strong, a remarkable adding to my scents.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl Multi Use Crayon

We all started with them.

I am talking about the cherished makeup crayons.

We learned how to do a smokey look with them, how to do our make up in a hurry, and still, nowadays we keep them dearly.

I do have my crayons, especially when it comes to travel.

If I am jet-lagged and in an airport, the last thing that I want to deal with is opening my whole makeup box.

Having crayons is the best solution.

Quick and practical, they pass every security control and also the one on your face, and they are quick to apply, easy to shape, and usually, long-wearing.

This one is in the tone Jet Black, and I use it as an eyeshadow, but also as an eyeliner.

It comes also in other two coffee shades, one lighter and one darker.

Burberry Eye Shadow Palette (Runway Palette)

If you are a follower of mine, you have seen how many times I wear black, khaki, olive green clothes.

I love this combination when it comes to dressing myself because I feel confident and beautiful.

It comes in a beautiful velvet bag, with three mini-brushes.

The palette is an elegant and sophisticated squared mirrored case, with a big mirror inside and the three colors of eyeshadows placed as a camouflage print.

Burberry doesn’t save money when it comes to make a great product for sure.

Black, khaki, and a cream tone, the last two are shimmering and highlights very well on the skin.

The only con of this palette is that you have to be careful of not invading the cream color with the other two while picking up the powder.

Stila Metallic Gunmetal

If I had to buy it at the original price, I probably would not.

It is small for being so pricey, but through Strawberrynet, I got a super bargain offer and got it for only 5USD as it was in the offers of the moment back then.

Stila made this ultra-compact metallic case, and the eyeliner is a gun color, on the dark grey tones.

Easy to apply, I use it with an angled brush.

I like the result, it is a glamourous option to the classic black eyeliner, and it holds quite well.

For longer-lasting, I would suggest applying it and fixing it with a bit of powder.

Volume Glamour Max Definition Bourjois Paris

I wanted THIS mascara for so many years that it feels like owning a trophy now.

I don’t know why I just wanted it so bad, but I wasn’t wrong.

Bourjois Paris made it again: long, infinite lashes for a flapping, Bambi look.

With 500 bristles, it combs your lashes the way it should be done.

My final thoughts…

I am a lazy shopper when it comes to going to a physical shop.

Not because I dislike to buy perfumes and makeup but because it takes me hours to decide.

Strawberrynet, in this case, comes in help, and I am so happy that they got in touch with me in May to start a collaboration.

Use my special discount fava10 for a lovely 10%OFF sitewide!

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