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Bambuddha, the bamboo sunglasses that support wildlife and the Planet.

MiniMini (Gizmo) helping me with the campaign photos

Bamboo it’s not a never seen before subject here on The Wandering Cloud and most of you know how a big fan I am of bamboo-everything, as you know that I have been reviewing bamboo products before.

Just last month, a friend of mine, Josie, owner of Charistay Travel, invited me for a take-over on the Instagram of her travel agency (eco and charity oriented), to talk about the multiple uses of bamboo so yes, I am the kind of person that would love to live in a bamboo house in the middle of nowhere in Indonesia.

Few months ago I got in touch with Meg, who is the gorgeous lady who runs and owns the brand Bambuddha, a sunglasses brand raising the awareness on a more sustainable environment through the productions of sunnies made of bamboo.

But they don’t stop there: they also provide to donate the 10% of every purchase they make, to help the wildlife and the planet, which is something that make me say loud and proud “chapeau!” as not many companies are doing this.

I received my Bambuddha’sunglasses after a few weeks (I relocated in the meanwhile so I asked Meg to wait for me to settle down as I still wasn’t sure if we were going to stay in Belgium or Italy at that time), and they arrived in a bamboo case, with the brand’s name on the side and inside, there were my brand new bamboo sunnies with their bag.

First of all they are really light. Most of sunglasses are quite heavy due to the materials used but those are super light and they don’t slip on the nose (which is something that I hate when it happens) and they FLOAT.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this shades float so say goodbye to sinking ones into the swimming pool or the ocean (it can happen, I have seen it several times.).

Probably I won’t be able to use them until spring as the “lovely” cloudy weather from Belgium doesn’t allow me to see a ray of sun since I arrived basically, but I am really happy with what I received.

The model is this one:

And I am already matching them with half of my wardrobe, they look vintage yet the bamboo gives them a super actual wave.

They are also polarized with 400UV protection so they are really safe when it comes to be a protection for your sight, as well as they offer a lifetime warranty against issues with craftsmanship, and replacement discounts for broken, lost, or stolen sunglasses.

New year so new discount codes for my readers, with a lovely 30%OFF if you decide to buy your Bambuddha by clicking here or by using my code barbara_favafmx.

Resuming, with those sunnies, you are buying something which is eco-friendly, you support the wildlife, you will have a stilish pair of glasses that will never sink and that will protect your eyes up to 400UV.

Not bad uh?

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