A woman who is sexy, confident and stylish: meet the brand FemmeLuxe from the UK.

How many times have we wondered how would those incredibly outfits from our favorite Instagram influencer, look on us and dreaming about being able to take inspiration from their style?

I personally follow quite a number of them and every time my double-tap is automatic while scrolling among their photos.

And from one of those posts, months ago, I landed on the Instagram profile of the famous FemmeLuxe, a brand born in Manchester (UK) and currently leading the fashion choices of thousands (at the moment, they count with nearly 600.000 followers on Instagram constantly growing), of girls and women attracted, just like me, from their huge selection of clothing and accessories at a really fair price.

I became a follower of them on Instagram and I have given so many little hearts to their account that I feel in some kind of brand-mance. Like a romance but with a brand and I take the full responsibility for creating this term, as it is exactly my feelings towards FemmeLuxe.

So around Christmas, because on Christmas everything is possible and Santa probably was already fed up with my “ooohh/wow/I want this” every time I scrolled the FemmeLuxe’s feed, he decided to surprise me and on a cold morning of december, I opened my working email, and I almost choked on my coffee as, I had a collaboration’s proposal straight from FemmeLuxe asking me if I would be interested in becoming a (the influencers and bloggers of the brand).

I swear, my husband thought I got possessed by the Miranda Priestly’spirit in that moment.

I accepted (obviously) and I selected some clothing items, and after few days, I received the glorious, pink package containing my new outfits.

Note: to help you ordering from this website, I am 173 cm tall for 68 kilos and my measurements are bust 97 cm, waist 70 cm, hips 105 cm, and I order M/L or L from FemmeLuxe.

Grey High Neck Knitted Side Split Jumper Dress – Penelope

I ADORE this jumper dress.

I have the High Neck Knitted Side Split Jumper Dress – Penelope in grey and I wore it last night for a romantic sushi dinner with William.

It’s January, and I am in Belgium so the weather is really cold around this time of the year and I am going to enjoy this dress a lot for sure.

It is as said, oversized so don’t worry, you will be able, as I did, to wear your favorite thermal socks under this lovely jumper dress, without showing marks on the waist and you won’t have to battle to fit in, nor you will see your make up getting messy because of a too tight neck, this dress has a high neck large enough to let your head pass through it without dramas. And avoiding make up disasters.

I feel like I could wear this dress easily for a flight as well, and probably is what I will do next month on my way to Milano’s Fashion Week.

Khaki Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna

The Crop Top Jumper Loungewear it’s the perfect outfit for a Sunday’s afternoon.

If you have been long enough on the Wandering Cloud, you know I am a big fan of wearing lounge-wear sets, especially when they come in soft materials and comfortable shapes.

This lounge-wear in khaki color, is the perfect representation of all I just stated here above.

The 2-pieces set comes in five colors, and it is composed by high-waist, legged pants and a long-sleeved crop top, perfectly wearable and giving a sporty, relaxed vibe to a must-have of our closet.

I really like the idea of the high-waist pants as I am not really comfortable with wearing low-waist pants AND crop tops, feels like too much for me, but this lounge-wear follows the natural shapes of my body like a second skin, in a really nice way.

And has been a hit on my Instagram, I received tons of comments and DMs asking about it.

Nude Mesh Ruffle Off The Shoulder Top – Aydn

My life is composed by writing articles, shooting photos, organizing giveaways and posting on social networks, so I decided to wear one of the tops I received from Femme Luxe for one of the giveaways photos as it was due right the same week as I was writing this article.

I decided to wear my Nude Mesh Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top – Aydn for the giveaway campaign with Cocunat, which is a natural&toxic free beauty – skincare brand from Barcelona (Spain), currently expanding its market to Italy.

The top is a romantic-styled top in mesh and with long off-the-shoulder sleeves and it is available in nude (which is the color I ordered) and in black, and both look great.

It is made with elastic bands so It feels comfortable, and it’s perfect with a pair of jeans or something more elegant.

I have quite wide shoulders due to all the sport I have been doing in my life so I ordered an M but probably to have a more ruffled effect, would have been better an L.

I like the “bat” effect of the sleeves as they give a more dramatic twist to this top, while I prefer to wear it strapless as I feel it fits me better, and I also like the peachy tone of this top as it bright up the whole outfit.

White Mesh Polka Dot Extreme Ballon Sleeve Top – Faye

I lusted over this https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/products/white-mesh-polka-dot-ballon-sleeve-top-fayemesh polka dots top for a while and when I received it I was in awe: it is a slim-fit top with those huge balloon sleeves and it screams fashion from every single inch of mesh.

I wore the Mesh Polka Dot Ballon Top for a dinner with some friends and my husband and their reaction was exactly the one I expected for this top: they said “Wow!”.

As the mesh top is see-through, I decided to use, under it a black crop-top to contrast it and I liked the final results.

When I ordered it, I didn’t see that on the front bottoms have little rhinestones, and on the wrist, this polked top, has elastic bands to let you decide at which height of your arm you wanna wear the sleeves.

I went for the white option with black polka dots but there is also the black version which looks also really nice.

Mind, when you order it, that it is as I said, slim-fit, so if you are like me, with a wide chest or breast, upscale the size by one or two sizes.

So, this was my Femme Luxe’s haul for this month and so far, I really enjoyed all of my selection: nothing caused static reactions, nothing stink (as it may happen with synthetic clothes), and everything was just like in the photos, so you have the security that what you see is what you get, which makes this website reliable for on-line shopping.


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