Learn how to speak in Flemish, Dutch, or the language you want with Cudoo, the online course improving your life while doing charity at the same time.

To know a language means to be able to explore the world. That’s me in London a couple of weeks ago.

We all love to go boho, travel, and wander for the world while exploring and learning about a culture.

But how much are we missing by not talking the same language as the locals? How many wonders would we be able to discover by being able to ask questions in the national language of the country we are in?

How many jobs and how much more money could we make by being able to express ourselves in another language?

Among my family, I am the one known to be always with a suitcase and the one that speaks five languages and still, there are times that I struggle in communicating myself.

Main example: I recently relocated back to Europe (Belgium), after almost six amazing years in the Americas, between Los Angeles, California, and Mexico City.

I am currently based in Herentals, as William is originally from here.

I like Belgium and though Belgians are nice and speaking perfectly English or French, they try to help you, it’s hard to learn Flemish on your own.

I do the groceries, most of the time, helping myself with the images on the boxes.

I learned how to speak in Spanish in three months from zero when first arriving in Mexico City but Flemish is anything like that.

I am subscribed to several expatriates groups on Facebook and we are all on the same boat: where to learn Flemish.

And the same questions are made in the groups composed by Italians in Spain (where we will move later this year), trying to find courses to learn Spanish.

I went on google with the determination of finding an online course to learn Flemish, and I found the company Cudoo.

Cudoo is the world’s first One-for-One e-Learning community offering 1300+ online courses in Languages and Professional Development Skills.

Based in California, they do an amazing job with the charity by supporting these organizations: Evolvin’Women, Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM), Develop Africa, Wiser, and Smartlife.

With the Indonesian organization Yayasan Usaha Mulia and Cudoo you will help Indonesian people to have a greater chance in life.

For every completed course on Cudoo, you give the chance of a brighter future to someone in need, which is something that makes a huge difference.

Cudoo offers also an incredible variety of courses to learn how to do a job.

You can go from the cabin crew to the kids’ party planner, to the wedding makeup artist and hairstylist, to pets expert, to the massage therapist, to garden design, interior design, psychology, sales, marketing.

Every diploma you can think of, they have it.

And surprise! I found the Flemish course I was so desperately searching for! They offer four different kinds of courses and levels. Flemish level 1, level 2, level 3 and business Flemish, which also is great when it comes to finding a job here in Belgium.

I spent more than an hour on Cudoo’s website and still couldn’t finish scrolling among all the opportunities they offer with study plans made of consistency, giving the immediate feeling that you can relax, sit back and enjoy from wherever you are, your daily dose of culture and learning. 

Yes, you got it right: Cudoo’s courses can be followed from wherever you are, whenever you want as long as you have a device able to connect itself to the Internet.

They have also free tests to check your level in a certain language so it’s also something really useful, I did the Spanish one because I was curious to know my level after so many years in Mexico.

Talking about the certificates, whenever you finish a course, you will get your Cudoo certificate to download or print, with your name, a unique reference number and all the certificates can be included in your curriculum to give a boost to your career.
As for payment, it can be processed through PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or Stripe.

So as I want my beloved readers to be successful, I am going to give you a discount of 20%off any course on Cudoo!

You will be able to enhance your life and career while helping someone, and there is no better feeling than this, so click here or use my discount code BARBARAFAVAFMX at the checkout.

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