My second haul of Femme Luxe Finery made me an addicted to this brand.

A few weeks ago, I got in touch with Femme Luxe, a Manchester brand, which contacted me asking if I could review as a blogger, some of their items on my blog, and I agreed, receiving after a couple of weeks, a bag of clothes which positively surprised me.

Being extremely happy with what I got, to the point that I brought the outfits with me on my week-long trip to London last week, I came back to find another email from them.

This time they were saying that we could move forward to our next collaboration, and while my mind was ringing in alarm because my closet was about to explode, my heart said yes, because YOLO, you only live once.

That’s my “YOLO” face.

Milan’s Fashion Week is coming up as well as my 34th birthday, and I want them as a brand, to be part of all of those events.

This time I went a little bit more adventurous, and I ordered almost everything in one of my favorite color and shades, the green which is known as khaki (also known as military green) coming in a three pieces selection, including a shirt mini dress, a stone shaded utility jacket with a lot of pockets and a belted jumpsuit (never enough jumpsuits for me: they are the most practical outfits on the run) also in stone tones.

I also went for a couple of dresses: a red belted bodycon midi dress and a slinky camel ruched midi dress which apart from being extremely comfortable, made also real my dream of owning a nude dress.

As you may be able to see from my Instagram account, I am slightly on the curvy size (my measures are 98-70-105) because of my bottom parts, though I am a size M on an average among the various brands.

For me, wearing mini skirts and mini dresses, always makes me feel quite uncomfortable as I spend half of my time pulling down the dress while it climbs slowly but steady my legs.

Midi dresses are always my best option when it comes to choosing a dress, also because you can wear them day and night and mostly on every occasion.

Khaki Thigh Split Shirt Mini Dress – Jayden

As I am writing, it is the first of February and I am currently based in Belgium so wearing mini-dresses is always a bit of a challenge due to the cold weather.

I decided to wear my thigh split shirt mini dress Jayden combined with a pair of black leggings and brown knee-high boots and the look was just perfect for a walk with William without being cold.

The belt gives a even more feminine spin to this dress and while on the website is featured as a mini dress, it can be wear in multiple ways making it a nice piece to my closet and my future trips as it is like having two outfits in one.

Femme Luxe made this one also in white and blue and I must admit that I am drooling over the white version as well.

I would also choose it to travel as the shape of this shirt mini dress is elegant yet comfortable.

Red Belted Bodycon Midi Dress – Angelica

This red dress won my attention because of its double use of the shoulders part. It can be worn covering your shoulder or uncovering them just by pulling the sleeves up or down, which is extremely useful in case of a last-minute dinner or party while coming out from the office.

The bodycon dress comes with a belt and in five different colors: black, pink, red, white, khaki and wine, so Femme Luxe, once again, did not disappoint me by making a dress that has gone straight into my favorite ones, in multiple colors.

Stone Long Sleeve Belted Utility Cargo Jacket – Abril

This utility jacket was virtually flirting with me since the first time that I visited the Femme Luxe website.

It has multiple pockets including some with zips, all in different sizes, and with two different belts to profile your waist.

I ordered this jacket because as I travel quite a lot, having multiple pockets is something that always comes in hands.

You can carry your tickets, passport, phone with its charger and more, all in those pockets, reducing the need of carrying a big handbag.

Stone Ribbed Culotte Jumpsuit – Catalyn

I own at least five jumpsuits.

They are a great solution to those days where you have to dress up but don’t have too much time to pull together a complete outfit, so by wearing a jumpsuit, you save time and energies.

I saw this ribbed culotte jumpsuit in this lovely stone shade, and I decided that it was about time to add one more piece to my collection.

I ordered a size 12, which fits a size M for you to calculate your size.

The jumpsuit has a zip on the back, making it easier to wear it and a belt to underline the waist in the same material as the rest of it.

From the photos shown on the website of Femme Luxe, the model is wearing it with high heels shoes, making me think that I would have to wear heels as well to not to drag the bottom part.

But when I tried it, the length was perfect, probably I am taller than the model showcasing the item for the brand.

Camel Slinky Ruched Thin Strap Midi Dress – Vienna

Reminds me a bit of the famous Carrie Bradshaw’s nude dress

Warm and nude tones have been doing great in the past years among the trend alerts on fashion magazines as well from the Instagram accounts of a great part of influencers.

I tried several times in the past, to find a shade fitting my skin tone, but the mission was canceled when the tone was so matching, that seeing me from afar, would have misled people in thinking that I was going around naked. And this went on so many times that in the end, I just gave up.

While wandering on the Femme Luxe website, I found a slinky ruched camel midi dress, modeled by a girl with my skin tone, and she was looking great.So stubborn as I am, I decided to give it a go.

The dress arrived and surprise: I found a nude tone making me look good!

The dress is a slinky one: you can pull it under or above your knees and although being simple is incredibly classy and versatile.It comes in three colors, black, camel and rust.

So, once again I am really happy with what I got from Femme Luxe, I already have quite a variety of items from them, around nine, and everything fits and it is exactly like it is shown in the photos.

Looking forward to try some pants as it is always my anxiety time when it comes to shop for trousers because of the fitting, but I am quite sure that Femme Luxe will make me happy once again.


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